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Linda France wins National Poetry Competition with erotic botany story - The Guardian

The Guardian
The poet, who has published seven collections of poetry, has been visiting botanical gardens since 2012 for a project centred on plant life, ecology and climate change called Poetica Botanica. But the inspiration for Bernard and Cerinthe came from a ...

Newly discovered types of neurons in the animals' brain help to compensate for ... - Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress
Newly discovered neuron type (yellow) helps zebrafish to coordinate its eye and swimming movements. The image shows the blue-stained brain of a fish larva with the suggested position of the eyes. Credit: Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology/Kubo.
Science Codex

Neurobiology Online Course to Endeavor World's Largest Memory Experiment - Newswise (press release)

Newswise (press release)
Newswise — A free, massively open online course (MOOC) on Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life will begin Monday, April 28, and it will include what may become the world's largest memory experiment. The University of Chicago is ...

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections

Madison - United States

University of Wisconsin site has images showing the brain's internal architecture of specimens from over 100 mammalian species for studying differences in brain function and evolution.

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
United States

Major national resources for the study of brain anatomy.


Focuses on the experimental, theoretical, and technical aspects of genomics and genetics in mouse, human, and other species, particularly those aspects bearing on studies of gene function.

Mammalian Hibernation

Article by Ken Muldrew on mammalian hibernation, sleep and torpor.

Journal of Mammalian Evolution
United States

Quarterly which serves as a multidisciplinary forum for research that contributes to mammalian evolutionary biology. Abstracts available. From the Society for Study of Mammalian Evolution.

Mammalian Histology-B408
United States

Mammalian Histology-B408, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Delaware. Mammalian Histology (B408) is taught in the fall semester annually and is one of the courses required for the Medical Scholars Program with the Jefferson Medical College. Consequently, it is taught at a comprehensive level and concentrates heavily on human tissues and organ systems. A strong component of this course is tissue structure at the ultrastructural leve

Mammalian Forelimb Homologies
United States

Animated image which illustrates the similarities in forelimb structure of several different mammal species.

United States

A primer on the brain for non-scientists including its architecture, geography, structure and functions.

Mammalian MAPK Signalling Pathways

Signaling related to the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway, with links to SAPK and p38, and related sequences, from Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, Canada.

Mammalian Histology: Integumentary System
United States

Color images of histological sections.

United States

Factsheet and coloring page illustrating the similar anatomical plan of all mammals due to a shared ancestry.