Conceiving a Clone

Espoo - Finland

Features a timeline, techniques, media centre, cloning debate, and legislation. offers an interactive section including create a clone.

To Clone or Not to Clone: The Ethical Question
United States

Paper discussing the ethics of human cloning from an undergraduate level point of view. From April of 2000.

Click and Clone
United States

Create a genetically identical clone of Mimi, a brown female mouse.

How to Clone a Human (Version 1.1)
United States

Offers a very brief and generalized overview of the procedure.

UK Scientists Clone Human Embryo
United Kingdom

Report on research involving introduction of DNA from embryonic stem cells, surviving in egg genome from 11 women, for three to five days, the country's first patient specific cells. Publication due in Reproductive and BioMedicine Online from Newcastle University.

CNN: Researchers Clone Pigs
United States

Article describes work by scientists that uses pig organs for human transplants. Ffrom CNN, August 2000.

Clone Rights United Front
United States

News and information about political activism by those who support human cloning.

Scientific American: A Clone in Sheep's Clothing
United States

A sheep cloned from adult cells opens vast scientific possibilities and ethical dilemmas.