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Q&A with Louise Naïma Laing, Marine Biologist and Co-Founder of People4Ocean - Eco Warrior Princess (blog)

Eco Warrior Princess (blog)
Louise Naïma Laing is a marine biologist and co-founder of People4Ocean, a consultancy specialising in coral gardening, reef rescuing and restoring tropical marine ecosystems. She holds a Master's degree in Marine Sciences from James Cook University ...

New Research Provides 'Oases' of Hope for the Future of Coral Reefs - CSUN Today

CSUN Today
Amidst dire reports about the health of the world's coral reefs, California State University, Northridge marine biologist Peter Edmunds and a team of researchers have found coral reef “oases” that provide hope that all is not lost for these beautiful ...
The Inquisitr

SeaWorld, Ikea and Royal Caribbean are getting rid of plastic straws and bags - Washington Post

Washington Post
Researchers at Cornell University, the University of Washington, the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and other institutions reported last year that they had found plastic on a third of the coral reefs they surveyed in the Asian Pacific. Reefs near ...

Coral Fungus

San Francisco - United States

Photograph and information from Wikipedia on this family of fungi, members of which often resemble corals or antlers.

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    Flora and Fauna - Fungi

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    Ramariaceae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Coral fungus
United States

Photograph of Ramaria stricta and information from Wikipedia on this family of Coral Fungi which consists of seven genera.

Clavulina cinerea (a coral fungus)
United States

Many photographs of this species.

Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)
United States

Non-profit organization working to keep coral reefs alive.

Coral and Coral Reefs
United States

Informational booklet providing comprehensive information on corals.

United States

An illustrated article from Wikipedia on this Kingdom which covers organisms as diverse as mushrooms, bakers yeast, wood decay fungi and penicillium.

Doctor Fungus
United States

Doctor Fungus, your on-line reference to all things mycological!! The website is owned by the DoctorFungus Corporation and is dedicated to timely dissemination of information about fungal infections via the world-wide web. DoctorFungus gratefully acknowledges the funding for this project that it has received from its pharmaceutical Sponsors. Dr. Fungus is an independent Web site dedicated to providing a wide range of scholarly peer-reviewed conte

United States

Information on fungi in the genus Sphaerobolus which can appear in houses, with photographs of the symptoms and possible ways of dealing with the problem.

Jelly Fungus
United States

These fungi are so named because their fruiting body appears to be the consistency of jelly. They are found in the orders Tremellales, Auriculariales, and Dacrymycetales.

Mushroom and Fungus Photography
United States

Photographs of over 200 mushroom and fungus species from California and Florida.

Chytrid Fungus and Chytridiomycosis
United States

Information on the newly discovered fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which is devastating populations of amphibia around the world.