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The toxicology of post-crisis shadow banking - Central Banking

Central Banking
On August 8, 2007, around $1.2 trillion was outstanding in asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) in the US, worth around 8% of GDP that year. Investors holding the paper were about to step off a cliff. Word spread rapidly of the problems associated with ...

The Evolution of Content: How Businesses Can Embrace Cord Cutters -
Your business will need to embrace these platforms to compete in the new content era. Ever since the advent of sports, music and storytelling, how we consume entertainment and use it for commerce has evolved. The scope of the evolution is mind-boggling ...

Endangered salamander offers clues on healing spinal cord injury - Science Daily

Science Daily
"Humans have very limited capacity for regeneration, while other species like salamanders have the remarkable ability to functionally regenerate limbs, heart tissue and even the spinal cord after injury," said lead researcher Karen Echeverri, PhD ...

Cord Banking

Houston - United States

Informational resource to help guide parents who are considering banking their children's cord blood.

Cord Blood Banking
United States

A pediatricians's discussion on the benefits and risks of donating a baby's umbilical cord blood. From the "Keep Kids Healthy" website.

Cord Blood Banking
United States

General discussion by Dr. Vincent Ianelli of whether or not you should bank your baby's umbilical cord blood in a private bank.

FamilyCord Cord Blood Banking
United States

California company providing private and public cord blood banking. Includes a company profile and FAQ and information on pricing.

Stem Cell Cord Blood Banking

A guide for anyone looking for information about stem cells and cord blood banking. Provides information on choosing a bank and on the possibility of using the cells for gene therapy.

United States

The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages families to donate their newborn's cord blood, which is normally discarded at birth, to cord blood banks for use by other individuals in need.

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking: Insurance Against Future Diseases?
United States

Researchers are continuing to seek answers to the scientific and ethical questions surrounding this experimental and controversial medical procedure. Article by Holly Wagner of USA Today magazine online.

Alpha Cord Umbilical Cord Blood Network
United States

Since 2002, AlphaCord has been a cord blood & cord tissue banking industry leader. We provide more expecting parents with newborn stem cell storage at the highest quality and the lowest cost.

Newborn Blood Banking, Inc.
United States

Umbilical cord blood storage bank in Tampa, Florida. They emphasize the storage of whole blood, not just stem cells.


Banking and transplantation of cells and tissues: basic research, clinical applications.

United States

Private cord blood bank stores lifesaving stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord for your family's future use. A subsidiary of StemCyte, Inc.