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An Introduction to Reproductive & Development Toxicology - Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch
A unique feature of this training webinar is thanks to a strict limit of only 25 delegates, you are encouraged to 'raise your hand' and put questions forward throughout the training - just as you would in a classroom environment. TOPICS COVERED ...

Teachers Help One Another Bring Evolution Back to the Classroom - Scientific American

Scientific American
Teachers Help One Another Bring Evolution Back to the Classroom. Research shows that 60 percent of American teachers avoid or skimp on teaching evolution. A growing movement is trying to change that. By Adam Piore. Patti Howell had thought long and ...

Digital evolution: a new approach to learning and teaching in higher education - Times Higher Education (THE) (blog)

Times Higher Education (THE) (blog)
Traditional, rigid modes of classroom instruction are unlikely to inspire students whose online life outside the classroom is dynamic and evolutionary. Creating an effective digital learning environment is not just about offering convenience and ...

Crickets in the Classroom

Edmonton - Canada

Provides lessons and units for using crickets in the classroom to teach basic science concepts.

United States

Lesson plan for introducing students to bats and exploring some of the misconceptions about the flying mammals. From Education World.

United States

Offers lesson plans and videos covering biological topics such as: taxonomy, call biology, behavior, biodiversity, ecology, and genetics. The Wild Classroom also offers guides to the major plants and animals of the world.

Virtual Microbiology Classroom
United States

Resources used to support an actual college-level microbiology course including PowerPoint lecture, lab presentations, study guides, review questions and practice tests.

United States

Life cycle, habits, and control methods for house and field crickets.

Raising Crickets
United States

Illustrated article by Vickie Galloway about practical methods of raising house crickets at home for fun.

Mole Crickets
United States

Illustrated article by Nel Mascall about mole crickets (Gryllotalpa and relatives), and their feeding habits in Europe and the USA.

Gryllus sp: Field Crickets
United States

Photographs of a cricket and information on its distribution, hosts, damage, life cycle and description.

Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids

Pictures and information on the Orthopterans found in Queensland, Australia.

Gryllus spp: Field Crickets
United States

Photographs and information on these insects, their distribution, identification, songs, wing dimorphism and economic importance.

Orthoptera: Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids

The characteristics of these insects, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.