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This Giant Rotting 'Globster' Washed Up on a Beach And Smelled 'Damn Awful' - Thrillist

The term "globster" might sound like it was coined on Twitter, but it's apparently been prevalent in marine biology circles since the 1960s, according to Atlas Obscura. It was devised by the Scottish biologist Ivan Terence Sanderson to "describe ...

How an island of mice is changing what we know about evolution -
Evolution takes time and space. Enough time needs to pass for genetic differences to crop up in a population of animals and make them distinct from their forebears. And enough space is needed to stop interbreeding between populations from ironing out ...

1943-2018: A 75-year evolution of crop protection in the Delta - Delta Farm Press

Delta Farm Press
“You've come a long way, baby!” — Slogan from a 1968 tobacco ad campaign. That catch-phrase that was part of a long ago very successful advertising campaign for cigarettes could be applicable to the evolution of crop protection in the Delta region ...

Crop Circles

Lysa nad Labem - Czech Republic

New, completely natural, scientifically provable theory about crop circles origination. Using only natural sciences - physics, plant pathology, meteorology, etc. Interferences, mechanics. Induction and conduction of the electricity. Every crop circle, the same like also many other flattened cereal areas, caused by the electricity from lightnings. Crop circles arising may be characterised as an effect of plant pathology. Pathologic after-effect of lightning electricity.

Diagnosis for Crop Problems
New Zealand

Offered for sale. A multimedia software package that aids in teaching the process of diagnosing crop problems. Download a range of free disease scenarios.

United States

Information service that provides regular updates and information about the global status of crop biotechnology, products and issues, regular news, communication materials, and links to other information sources.

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Botany and cultivation of Solanum tuberosum, the potato.

United States

Botany and cultivation of the garden tomato (Solanum lycopersicum, formerly Lycopersicon esculentum).

Scottish Crop Research Institute
United Kingdom

Research is focussed on environment plant interactions, plant genetics, plant pathology and plant products and food quality. Dundee.


Journal devoted to all aspects of plant genetic resources research. Contains ordering information, tables of contents and abstracts.

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Information about the biology of Lupinus (lupine) and its use as a cover crop in California agriculture. Includes images of several species.

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By Ernest Small and David Marcus. Reprinted from: Trends in new crops and new uses. 2002. p. 284-326. J. Janick and A. Whipkey (eds.). ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA. One of the best documents about Cannabis on the Web. (PDF file 14.1MB) [PDF]

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Report by S. E. McGregor.


The laboratory can be traced back in 1999, and was established by emerging the following 4 labs: Wheat Cultivation Physiology and Genetic Improvement Lab supported by State Agricultural Ministry: Plant Molecular Biology Lab, Pomology Lab and Plant Genetic Engineering Lab sponsored by Shandong Provincial Government. In April, 2007, it was permitted by State Ministry of Science and Technology to develop into the State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology