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The Evolution of the Porsche 928 - Automobile

The Porsche 928 was produced from 1977 through 1995 and went largely unchanged over its 18-year production run. The biggest changes were improvements made to the power- and drivetrains, tweaks to the suspension, rearrangement of options and packaging ...

Cryonic Suspension

Eindhoven - Netherlands

By Henry Kluytmans, a Dutch cryonicist. 5 printed pages.

United Kingdom

A song by John Seymour of Ireland.

An Exploratory Survey Examining the Familiarity With and Attitudes Toward Cryonic Preservation
United Kingdom

A paper examining the results of a consumer survey on cryonics. By W. Scott Badger, from "The Journal of Evolution and Technology," December, 1998.

Cryonics Institute: Cryonics Suspension Services
United States

Cryonic suspension services and information. Much of the text is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese by clicking on the appropriate button. This organization was founded by Robert Ettinger, the "father" of cryonics.