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The Best Treehouse Hotels of Summer 2018 - Men's Journal

Men's Journal
Located near Iquitos, Peru, in the Amazon, this resort has 10 treetop bungalows connected by suspension bridges, providing up-close views of the flora and fauna. Remember the Lost Boys' hideout in Hook? That's the vibe, just way nicer. Stay two nights ...

Biology teacher awarded £8000 compensation after 'outrageous' suspension by Ysgol Friars head - Daily Post North Wales

Daily Post North Wales
A biology teacher who was handed a “patently unjustified” and “outrageous” suspension by his headmaster has won £8,000 compensation for “injury to feelings” but both he and his employers have been criticised by a tribunal. Ysgol Friars head Neil Foden ...

Cryonic Suspension

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Cryonics Institute: Cryonics Suspension Services
United States

cryonic suspension services and information. Much of the text is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese by ...

United Kingdom

A song by John Seymour of Ireland.


By Henry Kluytmans, a Dutch cryonicist. 5 printed pages.

The Cryonics Society
United States

A non-profit organization that aims to educate and inform the general public about cryonics. Does not provide cryonics services and ...

The Society for Venturism
United Kingdom

A non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting "the worldwide conquest of death and the continuation and enhancement of life ...

Trans Time, Inc. -- Cryonics Services
United States

A cryonics service provider in San Leandro, California.

Cryonics: The Issues
United States

An introduction by Canadian Ben Best, 8 printed pages.

Cryonics -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
United States

Up-to-date answers to basic cryonics questions. A good starting point. By Ben Best.

United States

The cryonic's Institute's Introduction to Cryonics. 11 printed pages.

Ectoprocta (Bryozoans)
United States

Provides biological information on these sessile, colonial suspension feeders with photographs of a Cyphonautes larva and a lacy colony of ...

Cryonics Intro -- A Simple Proposition
United States

Trans Time's Introduction to Cryonics. 3 printed pages.

Would Freezing Ted Williams Work?
United States

From, an article on the cryonic suspension of Ted Williams by the Alcor Foundation and asking if the technology ...


Biopharma is one of the fast growing pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh . It is now manufacturing more than 250 products ...

United States

Photograph and information on this sea cucumber which is a suspension feeder.

Cryo Courier
United Kingdom

Tongue-in-cheek news about staying young forever, faq, and cryonic warehouse.

New Zealand

Organisation dedicated to assisting New Zealanders who wish to use cryonic cryopreservation as an option upon legal death.

Ben Best's Cryonics Articles
United States

Primarily dealing with technical issues in cryonics.

Cryonics Europe
United Kingdom

Support and discussion group based in Sussex, UK, for people in Britain and the rest of Europe who are signed ...

United States

The why of cryonics, as understood by the Cryonics Institute.

Danish Cryonics Support Group

The DCSG consists primarily of Danish members of the Cryonics Institute (CI) and those interested in becoming members of a ...

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