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Omega-3s help keep kids out of trouble: How diet, biology can ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Something as simple as a dietary supplement could reduce disruptive, even abusive behavior, according to newly released research.

Anatomy of Success: Restoration Hardware (RH) - Nasdaq

The Zacks Rank is a proven, simple-to-understand model for picking stocks which emphasizes earnings estimates and estimate revisions. Beginning and experienced investors alike find it useful, as it helps highlight companies of all types and sizes which ...

A Novel Blood Processing Technology for Simple and Rapid Molecular Diagnosis of Candidiasis -
Obtaining genetic material from biological samples is a critical step in molecular biology processes which is often time consuming and inefficient. In less than 3 minutes with no prior sample preparation the Arcis Sample Prep range of products allow ...

Cryonics Intro -- A Simple Proposition

Midland - United States

Trans Time's Introduction to Cryonics. 3 printed pages.

Cryonics Institute: Cryonics Suspension Services
United States

Cryonic suspension services and information. Much of the text is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese by clicking on the appropriate button. This organization was founded by Robert Ettinger, the "father" of cryonics.

Intro to Carting
United States

With photographs and descriptions.

The Simple Pleasure of Squirrels
United States

From the National Zoo comes this article about who squirrels are and how humans have interacted with them.

Simple Rose Care

Start with tough, robust varieties and keep them well watered and well fed. Then you can pay more attention to pest control, pruning, and general care.

Wildebeest Migration Made Simple
United States

Month by month guide to the migration of the animal, ideal for travelers wishing to seem them in the flesh.

Simple Genetics for Cat Judges and Breeders

Brief explanations of various terms and description of the genetics behind pigmentation and breeding.

Simple Fungi: Phyla Chytridiomycota and Oomycota

Illustrated outline of the classification and economic significance of the Chytridiomycota and Oomycota.

United States

A slim, but interesting perspective piece on cryonics by Mark Prado, an American living in Thailand.

Cryonics UK

Site for information and discussion of cryonics in the United Kingdom. The group appears to be associated with Cryonics Institute.

United States

Ralph Merkle's cryonics introduction. Short but requires some knowledge of cryonics already.