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Maltese study contributes to international book on biodiversity studies - Times of Malta

Times of Malta
Maltese artisanal fishermen and changing marine biodiversity feature in a new international book, Selected Studies in Biodiversity, that covers case studies from throughout the world. The chapter entitled 'Safeguarding marine biodiversity in a changing ...
Rising Kashmir (press release) (blog)

Synthetic mouse embryos develop to new key stage of life - New Atlas

New Atlas
An international team of scientists has created the most lifelike artificial embryos ever, even guiding them through "the most important event in life" – a key development stage known as gastrulation. Skipping the sperm-meets-egg chapter, the ...

Jens Christian Skou (1918–2018) - Science Magazine

Science Magazine
Jens Christian Skou, a pioneer of biomembrane research and molecular physiology, died on 28 May, just a few months shy of his 100th birthday. The Danish physiologist discovered the enzyme known as the sodium-potassium adenosine triphosphatase ...

Danish Chapter

Copenhagen - Denmark

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    Botany - Plants

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    Rhododendronforeningen Danish Chapter of ARS


Information and photographs of Odonata in Denmark by Erland Refling Nielsen.

Danish Mycological Society

Information on the society, its activities and publications including on-line indexes of articles and illustrations, databases, projects and related links.

Danish Cryonics Support Group

The DCSG consists primarily of Danish members of the Cryonics Institute (CI) and those interested in becoming members of a suspension organization. The site is in both English and Danish.

The Sino-Danish Pig Genome Project

Provides information on this project, the resources generated and the funding.

The Danish Society for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
United States

Society information, announcement of meetings

Massachusetts Chapter
United States

Nonprofit organization for conservation, environmental protection, and education.

Wisconsin Chapter
United States

Dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits and finding them permanent, loving, homes and to educating others about the care and behavior of rabbits.

Indiana Chapter
United States

A nonprofit organization educating the public about companion rabbit care, and providing foster homes and placement for homeless rabbits.

Chicago Chapter
United States

Devoted to rescuing rabbits and finding good homes for them.

Singapore Chapter

Dedicated to rabbit welfare and awareness. Seeks to reduce the number of unwanted rabbits in Singapore and improve rabbits' lives through education.