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Renowned biologist gives Darwin Day genetics lecture - Stony Brook Statesman

Stony Brook Statesman
Hopi Hoekstra, Alexander Agassiz professor of zoology and curator of mammals in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, discussed scientist Charles Darwin, what he knew and what he didn't know at the Earth and Space Sciences Building ...

Evolution May Make it Harder for Humans to Hold Their Liquor - Live Science

Live Science
Humans are still evolving… but before toasting to that, know this: Some of the genetic changes may make hangovers worse, a new study finds. So far, only certain populations have genetic adaptations that make it hard for them to process alcohol, but ...

Vision Esports Raises $38 Million Led by CAA-Backed Evolution Media - Variety

Vision Esports, a holding company set up to invest in esports businesses, has closed a $38 million round of funding led by Evolution Media, the investment firm backed by CAA and private-equity fund TPG Growth. Other investors — who join the New York ...

Darwin: Who Wants to Live a Million Years?

United States

Learn about natural selection through this Science Channel interactive game, Who Wants to Live a Million Years?

Darwin's Living Legacy -- Evolutionary Theory 150 Years Later
United States

Scientific American looks at the life and work of Charles Darwin, the Victorian amateur who undertook a lifetime pursuit of meticulous observation and thought about the natural world, producing a theory that still drives the contemporary scientific agenda.

Million Paws Walk

Pet-walking, fundraising event for the RSPCA.

United Kingdom

Information on House Sparrow decline from The British Trust for Ornithology.

Darwin Country: Darwin, Charles (1809-82)
United Kingdom

Biography, timeline and portrait from Shrewsbury Museums Service.

Dogs: The Early Years
United States

NATURE presents an incisive look at the breeding, behavior, and training of humankind's best friend.

Double helix: 50 years of DNA
United States

Articles, photos, and interviews from the journal "Nature" presented in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the description of the structure of DNA.

The Humongous Fungus, Ten Years Later
United States

Article by Tom Volk on several colonies of Armillaria competing to be considered the largest living organism.

United States

Animal Planet special feature that lets you learn about Jane Goodall's historic observations and meet the chimpanzees of Gombe.

World's Hardiest Organisms to Face 3 Years in Space
United States

News from Popular Mechanics that a Russian spaceship that will visit one of Mars' moons will carry tardigrades and some other hardy organisms there and back

Prehistoric Hunter: Tauravel Man 450, 000 Years Ago

Tells the story of the 1971 discovery of Tautavel Man, an early human skeleton found in France's Arago Cave.