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Researchers identify 'social place cells' in the brain that respond to the locations of others - Phys.Org

These bats in the neurobiology lab of Professor Nachum Ulanovsky are helping decipher how we map the movements of others. Credit: Weizmann Institute of Science. Whether we're playing a team sport or just strolling with our family through the park, we ...

Rhino Poachers Prosecuted Using DNA Database - Scientific American

Scientific American
A genetic database that holds DNA from thousands of African rhinoceroses has secured the convictions of poachers and led to stiffer criminal sentences since its establishment eight years ago, researchers say. However, not all scientists are convinced ...

How technology contributes to conservation of seed biodiversity - The Hindu

The Hindu
Even as the world is making attempts to prevent loss of such biodiversity, agricultural movements such as the Green Revolution in India, which brought in high-yielding seed varieties for higher, short-term yields, have also resulted in a substantial ...

Database of Macromolecular Movements

New Haven - United States

Systematic, annotated database of biologically significant protein and nucleic acid motions, with protein morpher that generates and renders plausible interpolations of motions.

United States

Plain text file at Project Gutenberg.

Online Macromolecular Museum
United States

Site for the display and study of the structure of macromolecules, as discovered by crystallographic or NMR methods.

Gordon Research Conference on Macromolecular Organization and Cell Function
United States

The program includes sessions on cell interiors/microdomains, membrane domains/ caveolae, protein assemblies within cytoskeleton, gene expression, metabolomics, enzyme assemblies/metabolism, modulation of protein-protein interactions and signaling. Held for six days in Oxford, UK.

Baylor College of Medicine - National Center for Macromolecular Imaging
United States

Provides transmission electron microscopy (TEM) facilities for biological molecules and macromolecular assemblies.

Binding Database
United States

Resource for deposition of measured binding affinities for natural, genetically or chemically modified, and synthetic compounds by isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and other inhibition methods. Maintained at UMBI, Rockville, MD.

The Aptamer Database
United States

Resource searchable by citation, journal, author, sequence and type of experiment, maintained by the Ellington Lab, University of Texas at Austin.

United States

Data repository of plant natural antimicrobial peptides.

RNase P Database
United States

A compilation of RNase P sequences, sequence alignments, secondary structures, three-dimensional structures, and accessory information.

CalFlora Database
United States

provides access to information about all 8375 currently recognized plants in California, including more than 670,000 plant observations and 20,000 photographs.

Immunogenetics Database
United Kingdom

Collection of integrated resources specializing in immunoglobulins, T cell receptors and the major histocompatibility complex in vertebrate species. Consists of sequence, structural and genome databases, maintained at EBI, UK.