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Deep-Sea Mining Could Destroy Marine Ecosystems, Study Says -
Mining on the ocean floor could do irreversible damage to marine ecosystems, according to a new study from the University of Exeter and Greenpeace Research Laboratories. A schematic showing the processes involved in deep-sea mining for the three main ...

Explore likes of swamp doghobble on botany walk -
Those winter holidays we had a few weeks ago: seems like such a long time past! Hopefully, over the holidays you found some time to take a few walks outside. Perhaps you've even been able to involve yourself in what could affectionately be termed a ...

Is evolution predictable? - Science Magazine

Science Magazine
Evolution is like population dynamics because evolutionary change over time can be governed by multiple factors, the relative influence of which vary over time. Nosil et al. used a series of observational data taken over 25 years on natural populations ...

Deep Time

Arlington - United States

PBS Evolution offers an interactive timeline to help readers better understand geologic time and evolutionary change.

Real-time PCR Goes Prime Time
United States

Tutorial from Applied Biosystems, Austin, TX, USA.

United States

2004 mission to study the fantastic life forms of four alien landscapes in the Gulf of Mexico up to 3,000 feet deep.

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Research network in fungal systematics. Includes projects, research tools, meetings list, jobs, and related links.

Monsters of the Deep
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Introduction to the creatures that dwell in the deep ocean. Learn about their strange adaptations to the dark and cold.

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A Time Magazine article that mentions Abbe Spallanzani, who discovered tardigrades in 1776, approaching the French philosopher Voltaire to ask about the soul of organisms that can be rehydrated and brought back to life.

Deep Sea 3D
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The underwater 3-D IMAX film introduces viewers to the world that lies just beneath the surface of the Earth's oceans and lets them get up-close with a wide range of undersea life. Deep Sea 3D is directed by Howard Hall and narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

Living Fossils of the Deep
United States

Expedition to the deep sea of The Bahamas to explore the world of slitsnails. From the Smithsonian Institutes National Museum of Natural History.


Information on white, grey reef, whale, and tiger sharks.

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Article discussing recreational divers' encounters with the endangered fish in South Africa.

Deep Sea News
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Blog dedicated to the largest environment on earth, the deep ocean beyond the continental shelf.