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Biology of East Africa - Connect2 OWU

Connect2 OWU
Traveling to Tanzania for a wildlife safari is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and to be able to do it having learned the biology makes the experience much more fulfilling. Additionally the financial support of OWU made it possible to do. It's ...

Donald Trump and the Decline of Species - New York Times

New York Times
Economics aside, why can we not recognize that a greater diversity of flora and fauna enhances our quality of life? Are you not awestruck when observing a killer whale leap out of Puget Sound? Are you not humbled when a wolf howls in the distance?
New York Times
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Are biodiversity and solar natural partners? - The Ecologist

The Ecologist
New research shows that solar farms can significantly improve local biodiversity, with benefits to wildlife and potentially even surrounding crops. NextEnergy Capital is supporting innovative solar developments that enhance biodiversity in the local ...

Defenders of Wildlife

Washington, D.C. - United States

In 1947, Defenders of Furbearers, the organization that would later become Defenders of Wildlife, was founded. The fledgling organization boasted only one full-time employee and 1,500 members who made it their mission to protect coyotes and other furred animals from steel-jawed leghold traps and lethal poisons. In 2011, over sixty years later, Defenders of Wildlife employs over 150 dedicated professionals and has nearly a million members, activists, and members nationwide. Our organization has evolved to take on the task of preserving our nation's native wildlife species and habitats.

Today, we are based in Washington, D.C., but our presence is felt around the world. We have numerous field offices that deal specifically with the wildlife species that inhabit the states or regions in which our staff is located. We also make a point to work with in-state partners and local conservation organizations around the country and visit important sites to get a first hand look at the wildlife and lands we protect. Our rapid development and expansion is a testament to Defenders of Wildlife's commitment to our mission and our efforts to give our members and the wildlife they long to preserve a voice in the field and in the halls of Congress.

Defenders of Wildlife
United States

Dedicated to the protection of native wild animals and plants in their natural communities.

Defenders of Wildlife: Sea Otter
United States

Provides information on the sea otter conservation and advocacy program organized by the North American conservation group, Defenders of Wildlife.

Florida Panther: Defenders of Wildlife
United States

One of 30 cougar subspecies.

Defenders of Wildlife: Grizzly Bear
United States

Offering Grizzly and Brown Bear fact sheets with information regarding conservation methods including proactive measures and funds dedicated to the preservation and protection of the species from poaching and endangerment.

Animal Defenders
United Kingdom

Investigates reports of animal suffering and abuse both in the U.K. and abroad including circus animal living conditions.

Defenders of Animals
United States

Provides assistance to sick, injured, and homeless animals, and defends the rights of both companion animals and wildlife through education and activism.

Green Mountain Animal Defenders (GMAD)
United States

Volunteer organization working to promote kindness to animals and the environment.

EPIC Wildlife
United States

Assistance with wildlife management projects, land use, and legal consulting. Dripping Springs, Texas, USA.

Wildlife Ecology
United States

Study of the distribution and reproductive status of grassland birds with respect to condition of grassland habitat in Virginia.

Wildlife Research

A journal for publication on all aspects of conservation and management of wild vertebrates.