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Growing in Harmony - Volume One

Volume One
His growing practices focus on encouraging harmony between flora and fauna by creating a cooperative ecosystem. “We spend so much time trying to kill things that wanna live, and keep things alive that wanna die,” Don said. “You go out into the forest ...

ERIS: Coronary physiology assessment may be underused in CAD - Healio

The current guidelines were met in approximately half of patients who underwent a coronary physiology assessment in daily practice, according to data presented at EuroPCR. “Educational programs focused on the advantages of invasive coronary physiology ...

The Anatomy Of The Microtargeted Ad - WBUR

Companies like Facebook and Google, with access to enormous amounts of user information, make billions every year turning that data into microtargeted ads. But how does it all work, from start to finish? Host Jeremy Hobson speaks with Here & Now media ...

Diatom Paleolimnology Data Cooperative (DPDC)

Englewood - United States

Database of diatom and associated ecological and paleolimnological data relevant to study of global change.

United Kingdom

Information on this unicellular organism of the kingdom Protista characterized by a silica shell of often intricate and beautiful sculpturing.

Diatom Display
United States

Small photograph gallery of these organisms.

Major Groups of Diatom
United States

Provides a facility for identifying diatoms based on their major morphological characteristics.

United States

Resource for those interested in, or actively conducting research on, the diatoms and related algae.

International Society for Diatom Research
United Kingdom

Promotes diatom studies throughout the world, publishes the journal Diatom Research. Information about the organization and internet links.

International Society for Diatom Research
United Kingdom

Working to promote, for the benefit and education of the public, all branches of diatom studies throughout the world.

Mongolian Diatom Home Page
United States

International project surveying the diatom flora of Hovsgol National Park in north-central Mongolia.

Cooperative Breeding
United States

Communal breeding occurs when more than two birds of the same species provide care in rearing the young from one nest.

California Academy of Sciences Diatom Collection
United States

An extensive resource on diatom taxonomy, primarily focused on recent freshwater diatoms of the United States.

Diatom Collection of the California Academy of Sciences
United States

Ongoing project to present taxonomic information, images, records of collections, and references pertaining to diatoms.