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Bridgeland to debut exclusive lakeside enclave of homes on half-acre lots -
The enclave's street names will draw inspiration from Texas' Sheldon Lake State Park, historical figures, landmarks and flora and fauna native to the park. Parkland Village, the second of four planned villages in the 11,400-acre community, opened in March.

Study explores current understanding of human physiology, pathology, trauma and surgery in space -
Known physiological alterations during space travel include fluid redistribution, cardiovascular changes, and bone and muscle atrophy. In addition to common illnesses and conditions, space travellers may also develop novel pathologies that could arise ...

West Farms, the Bronx: Flora, Fauna and Renewal - The New York ... - New York Times

New York Times
In a city where a common boast can run along the lines of “I can see such-and-such from my apartment,” West Farms, in the central Bronx, would seem to have a ...
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Dictionary of Common (Vernacular) Names

Vienna - Austria

The website is a dictionary of common names of animals, plants and other organisms. The main principle of including a name is "as used". Search any name in any language, and in any script.

Australian Insects Common Names

List of standard common and scientific names with distribution maps, images, and notes.

Australian Insects Common Names

Online taxonomy database, based on the CSIRO Handbook of Australian Insect Names, featuring common and scientific nomenclature, distribution maps, and images of insects found in Australian territories.

United States

Searchable database of the official names adopted for use by the American Phytopathological Society in its publications. Includes diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, nematodes, phytoplasmas, virus (and virus-like), and miscellaneous diseases/disorders.

Close-up View of Common Knotweed, Common Lamb's-quarters and Sheep Sorrel
United States

Photographic study by Brian Johnston of these three species, Polygonum arenastrum, Chenopodium album and Rumex acetosella.

Ecology Dictionary
United States

Provides definitions of words used in the study of ecology to enable people to better understand discussions on environmental subjects.

United States

Defines terms used in the study of fishes and fisheries.

Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary
United States

Alphabetical listing by scientific name. Includes brief descriptions of usage and identifies cultures in which each plant is of interest.

United Kingdom

An excellent source of basic information for beginning and intermediate-level students.

Australian Herpetology Dictionary

Repository of information on herpetofauna and ongoing herpetological research from James Cook University in Australia.

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets
United States

Glossary of Latin terms used in species names, from abbreviatulus to yunnanensis.