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STEM profile: Margaret Spoo-Chupka - The Newark Advocate

The Newark Advocate
A true turning moment, she said, came when her high school guidance counselor encouraged her to attend a marine biology program for gifted students. “This solidified everything,” Spoo-Chupka said. “I was introduced to algae for the first time and I was ...

Rapid evolution of a calcareous microalgae - Phys.Org

"Some of the algae lineages in the experiment showed an extremely rapid change in their ecological fitness. We did not expect that to happen," says lead author Dr. Lennart Bach from GEOMAR. The study has been published recently in the international ...

Didymo Algae - Didymosphenia geminata

Quebec - Canada

Fact sheets for the new aquatic invasive species called Didymosphenia geminata that began to appeared in Quebecs rivers in 2006.

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    Didymo Algae - Didymosphenia geminata
    In 2006, a new aquatic invasive species called Didymosphenia geminata appeared in Rivi?re Matap?dia.


    Didymo Algae - Mddep

Didymosphenia geminata - Wikipedia
United States

Article about Didymosphenia geminata, commonly known as didymo or rock snot, the species of diatom that grows in warm and shallow water.

Didymosphenia geminata in British Columbia Streams

Discuses the algaes distribution through out British Columbia's water ways and what treats the mats of diatoms may pose to salmonid habitats.


A basic guide to algae including marine, freshwater and land species.

Golden Algae
United States

Information from Wikipedia on this large group of unicellular flagellate algae, the Chrysophytes, found mostly in fresh water.

Green Algae
United States

Description of this diverse group of freshwater algae commonly known as chlorophytes, with excellent microscopic images.

Red Algae
United States

Information from Wikipedia on these seaweeds, their place in the fossil record, taxonomy and classification.

Freshwater Algae
United States

Provides information on the varieties of algae and their classification with photomicrographs of example species of the main freshwater phyla.


Information on the characteristics of this group with details of the life cycle of Chlamydomonas, Spirogyra and Ulva.


The characteristics of brown seaweeds with details of the life cycle of Laminaria, Saccharina, Fucus and Sargassum muticum.

Nongeniculate Coralline Algae
United States

Research project by Melissa Roth on this extraordinary group of algae, with much information and accompanied by many interesting photographs.