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Study Shows How Bacteria Behave Differently in Humans Compared to the Lab - Georgia Tech News Center

Georgia Tech News Center
“Understanding which antibiotic resistance genes are highly expressed in humans may inform our therapeutic decisions on antibiotic usage,” said Whiteley, who holds the Bennie H. & Nelson D. Abell Chair in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Georgia Tech ...

Nobel Prize Winner to Present DNA Biochemistry and Cancer Biology Seminar at NUI Galway - Irish Tech News

Irish Tech News
NUI Galway will host a research seminar presented by Nobel laureate, Professor Paul Modrich of Duke University Medical Center and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the US. Professor Modrich will talk about 'Mechanisms in human DNA mismatch ...

WVU announces 2018 Phi Beta Kappa class - WV News

WV News
Jessica Arvon, Biochemistry, Charleston; Joseph Berecin, Psychology, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania; Sara Berzingi, Biology and English, Morgantown; Matthew Blaney, Biology, Stephens City, Virginia; Tonya Blosser, Psychology, Morgantown; Kaitlyn Boot, ...

Diospyros virginiana (Virginia Tech)

Blacksburg - United States

Photographs of American persimmon bark, leaf and fruit, together with native-range information.

Dendrology at Virginia Tech
United States

Offers a fact sheet for woody plants found in the United States, an ask an expert service, course information, and more.

United Kingdom

Information on the American persimmon, its physical characteristics, uses, and how to grow it.

Asimina Triloba (Virginia Tech)
United States

Brief description of the American pawpaw and photographs of its form, fruit, bark and flower.

Virginia Tech Horticulture Gardens
United States
United States

United States

Summary description of Diospyros virginiana and four-season photographs of an on-campus specimen.

Diospyros virginiana (University of Catania)

Image of leaves and not-yet-ripe fruit of the American persimmon.

Diospyros virginiana (University of Ulm)

Description of the American persimmon, with photograph of ripening fruit.

Diospyros virginiana (Ohio State University)
United States

Description of the American persimmon, with photographs of the tree and the distinctive "alligator" bark of the mature persimmon.

Diospyros virginiana (Fire Effects Information Service)
United States

Information regarding the American persimmon including distribution, use, characteristics and fire ecology.