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Just In Time For Shark Week, Marine Biologist Gives A Talk At The Montauk Library -
Scott Curatolo-Wagemann, a marine biologist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, educated Discovery Channel-type enthusiasts and the casual passing-through tourist at the Montauk Library on Friday evening about the lives of sharks, their ...

Listen: Greater Science Literacy Leads to Greater Acceptance of Evolution…Oh, Really? - Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute
A new episode of ID the Future features “In the Market” radio host Janet Parshall interviewing Center for Science & Culture Senior Fellow Jonathan Witt, co-author of the recent book Heretic: One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design. Witt and ...

'Amazing Dragon' Discovery in China Reshapes History of Dinosaurs' Evolution - New York Times

New York Times
A farmer in China stumbled upon some fossils more than a decade ago, which led to an excavation, which led to a realization: It's time to rethink the evolutionary history of some of the biggest dinosaurs that ever walked the earth. In a study published ...
ZME Science
New Scientist
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Discovering Ardi - Discovery Channel

United States

Peruse the Ardipithecus Handbook, an interactive guide to the oldest skeleton from our branch of the primate family tree. Also, the Discovery Album allows you to follow the story of finding and recovering Ardi.

Shark Guide - Discovery Channel
United States

Discovery's comprehensive guide to sharks. Covering everything about sharks from where they live, what they eat, and how they behave with stories, videos, maps and pictures.

Discovery Channel: Living With Tigers
United States

Explores the possibility of zoo-born tigers learning to live in the wild.

Discovery Channel - Blue Planet
United States

Learn about the natural history of the world's oceans in this Discovery Channel program. The Blue Planet series explores topics like coral reefs and creatures in the deep ocean floor. Includes images of life at sea vents, sounds of singing whales, and information about ocean areas in crisis.

Shark Week - Discovery Channel
United States

Companion to the Discovery Channel's Shark Week series. Includes a schedule for Shark Week's Shark Behavior and Conservation program line up, podcasts, videos and photo galleries of sharks, interactive games, and shark fact sheets.

Human Body Explorer - Discovery Channel
United States

Interactive journey through the wonders of the human body -- sight, strength, and sensation.

Shark Week's Sharkrunners Game - Discovery Channel
United States

Sharkrunners is an online game that uses global position data from real-world sharks to determine the behavior of the sharks in the game. Part of the Discovery Channel's 2008 Shark Week.

Ardi, Oldest Human Skeleton - National Geographic Interactive
United States

Ardipithecus ramidus - Explore the oldest human skeleton and learn how the discovery fits into ... Examine differences among hominin species through our skull ...

Discovering Whales - The Narwhal
United States

Profile from Whales on the Net.

Discovering Whales - The Killer Whale
United States

Profile from Whales on the Net.

Discovering Biology in a Digital World
United States

Sandra Porter's thoughts on biology, teaching, life, and exploring the living world via the digital one.