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A primer in access and benefit-sharing for DNA barcoders - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
Molecular biology approaches, such as DNA barcoding, have become part of the standard toolkit for a growing number of biodiversity researchers and practitioners, with an increasing scope of applications in important areas, such as environmental ...

Size, Composition, and Evolution of HIV DNA Populations during Early Antiretroviral Therapy and Intensification with ... - Journal of Virology

Journal of Virology
Sequence data were analyzed for evidence of evolution by (i) molecular diversity analysis, (ii) nonparametric test for panmixia, and (iii) tip date randomization within a Bayesian framework. There was a longitudinal decay of HIV DNA after initiation of ...

Genetics of Mitochondrial Mutation Exposed - Technology Networks

Technology Networks
Mitochondria are the powerhouses inside our cells, producing energy and carrying their own DNA instructions (separate from the DNA in the nucleus of every cell). Mitochondria are inherited from a person's mother via the egg. In the study, published in ...

DNA Molecule: Two Views

Bethesda - United States

The double helix of the DNA is shown with details of how the bases, sugars, and phosphates connect to form the structure of the molecule.

DNA: RCSB PDB Molecule of the Month
United States

Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics Protein Data Bank entry on DNA. Includes discussion of the properties and structure of DNA.

Animal Views
United States

Reporter Foster Fox takes you through an educational animal adventure each month.

SMSD (Small Molecule Subgraph Detector)
United Kingdom

SMSD is a Java based software library for calculating Maximum Common Subgraph (MCS) between small molecules. This will aid finding resemblances between two molecules and is also used for screening drug-like compounds.

Brain News and Views
United States

Original news reports, magazine articles, commentary and book announcements on brain-science topics for the general reader from the Dana Foundation. [RSS]

DNA Repair: Responses to DNA Damage and Other Aspects of Genomic Stability

Publishes observations on genetic, cellular, biochemical, and molecular aspects of DNA repair, mutagenesis, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis.

Early Animal Evolution: Emerging Views from Comparative Biology and Geology
United States

Article examining the data that has begun to emerge that can resolve the sequence of genetic and morphological innovations, environmental events, and ecological interactions that collectively shaped Cambrian evolution. DNA and DNA Testing
United States

Collection of articles addressing DNA testing and how it has become an increasingly popular method of identification and research since its establishment in 1985.

A heterodimeric DNA polymerase: Evidence that members of Euryarchaeota possess a distinct DNA polymerase
United States

Journal abstract, with references.

DNA Baser
United States

Commercial sequence package for contig assembly, normal and batch mode, to investigate genomic fragments, rRNA and protein genes. Includes trial download for Microsoft platforms from Windows 95 to Vista.

DNA from the Beginning
United States

An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity.