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Importance of Pharmacology in Dentistry -
Pharmacology encompasses two aspects of drug metabolism – pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. While pharmacokinetics deals with drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion, pharmacodynamics deals with drug efficacy, safety, ...

Scientists: Social isolation is vital to evolution - Sky News

Sky News
"This in turn could affect responses to natural selection in terms of survival and reproduction, which has evolutionary consequences. For some species, it might even mean that temporary social isolation is favourable." As an example, the invasive cane ...

Genomic Landscape of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Unveiled in New Study - Prostate Cancer Foundation (press release) (blog)

Prostate Cancer Foundation (press release) (blog)
... Foundation—to a West Coast–based “Dream Team” of researchers led by UCSF's Eric J. Small, MD, co-senior author and chief scientific officer at HDFCCC, and co-led by Owen N. Witte, MD, co-author and University Professor at UCLA's Molecular Biology ...

DNA Repair: Responses to DNA Damage and Other Aspects of Genomic Stability

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Publishes observations on genetic, cellular, biochemical, and molecular aspects of DNA repair, mutagenesis, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis.

United States

Looks at changes in the information stored in the genetic material, how they occur, and what the consequences of such changes are, and strategies cells use to minimize DNA changes and damage. DNA and DNA Testing
United States

Collection of articles addressing DNA testing and how it has become an increasingly popular method of identification and research since its establishment in 1985.

A heterodimeric DNA polymerase: Evidence that members of Euryarchaeota possess a distinct DNA polymerase
United States

Journal abstract, with references.

DNA Baser
United States

Commercial sequence package for contig assembly, normal and batch mode, to investigate genomic fragments, rRNA and protein genes. Includes trial download for Microsoft platforms from Windows 95 to Vista.

DNA from the Beginning
United States

An animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity.

DNA Software
United States

Company selling software intended for molecular biology.

MB DNA Analysis

Program for statistical analysis and evaluation of the biological significance from microarray data. Includes key features, registration and download for Windows and Linux.

OnScreen DNA
United States

Descriptions and screen shots of the educational software providing an interactive virtual 3D molecular model in a tutorial framework. Lite edition is a free download.

United States

HiFi DNA is a company selling a DNA polymerase for PCR at low temperature giving accurate replication of certain sequences where Taq fails.

Northwoods DNA
United States

Specializes in high quality DNA sequencing and genotyping.