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MIT Media Lab spinout Amino Labs, founded by alumna Julie Legault, makes synthetic biology mini-labs, DNA Playground and Bio Explorer, that include tools and materials for students, makers, and artists to engineer microbes to produce colors and fragrances.
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Synthetic biology presents an ethical tightrope - Cosmos

Synthetic biology is a descendant of recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology, which transformed biology in the 1970s by allowing scientists to cut and paste DNA from one organism to another. These same biologists were also the vanguard in another way – they ...

Dogs and humans more closely linked than previously thought - scientists discover surprising DNA similarity -
Lead scientist Dr Luis Coelho, from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, said: "We found many similarities between the gene content of the human and dog gut microbiomes. "The results of this comparison suggest that we are ...
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DNA Surveillance: What Rat is That?

Auckland - New Zealand

Provides phylogenetic tools for the identification of rats (Rattus species) from southeast Asia and the Pacific region, often difficult to identify using morphological characters.

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    Zoology - Chordates

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    DNA-surveillance - Species Identification with DNA

New Zealand

This is a service for the identification of whales, porpoises and dolphins using DNA sequences.

Black Rat, Ship Rat, Roof Rat, House Rat
United Kingdom

Photographs and information on Rattus rattus including a description, distribution, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction.

Pennsylvania's West Nile Virus Surveillance Program
United States

How to reduce risk, explanation of the virus, fact sheets, symptoms,and more.

DNA Repair: Responses to DNA Damage and Other Aspects of Genomic Stability

Publishes observations on genetic, cellular, biochemical, and molecular aspects of DNA repair, mutagenesis, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis. DNA and DNA Testing
United States

Collection of articles addressing DNA testing and how it has become an increasingly popular method of identification and research since its establishment in 1985.

A heterodimeric DNA polymerase: Evidence that members of Euryarchaeota possess a distinct DNA polymerase
United States

Journal abstract, with references.

Dapper Rat, The
United States

Dedicated to the charming, sweet, and suave rats that share Robyn and Alan's life.

Rat Genome Database
United States

Contains rat genomic data such as genes, SSLPs, ESTs, QTLs, and strain information and tools such as vcmap, genome scanner, rhmap server, metagene. Also has a rat research community forum.

Rat Genome Resources
United States

The National Center for Biotechnology Information provides information about rat data available at NCBI and other related resources from the research community, including sequence, mapping, and clone information.

United Kingdom

Links to genetic and radiation hybrid maps, markers and other resources from The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics.