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Impact of temperature on mitochondrial DNA evolution - Science Daily

Science Daily
Fruit flies exhibit sexual dimorphism. Males are smaller, they have bristle on their forelegs, their abdomen is blunt, and their stripes meld together and become dark toward the back of the abdomen. Females are larger, and their abdomen is longer ...

This Company Aims to Deliver DNA on Demand With Its Biological Fax Machine - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal
“You can think about it as biological teleportation,” says Dan Gibson, vice president of DNA technology at Synthetic Genomics Inc., the company behind the Digital to Biological Converter. “All the functions and characteristics of all living things are ...

US professor of biology believes hunted whale to be a blue whale - Iceland Monitor

Iceland Monitor
... in the photographs he saw of the whale carcass. Icelandic marine biologist Gísli Arnór Víkingsson said to yesterday that he believes it's a rare hybrid whale but that this couldn't be confirmed until DNA samples from the animal have been ...
Iceland Magazine (press release)

DNA Surveillance: What Rat is That?

Auckland - New Zealand

Provides phylogenetic tools for the identification of rats (Rattus species) from southeast Asia and the Pacific region, often difficult to identify using morphological characters.

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    Zoology - Chordates

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    DNA-surveillance - Species Identification with DNA

New Zealand

This is a service for the identification of whales, porpoises and dolphins using DNA sequences.

Black Rat, Ship Rat, Roof Rat, House Rat
United Kingdom

Photographs and information on Rattus rattus including a description, distribution, habitat, diet, behavior and reproduction.

Pennsylvania's West Nile Virus Surveillance Program
United States

How to reduce risk, explanation of the virus, fact sheets, symptoms,and more.

DNA Repair: Responses to DNA Damage and Other Aspects of Genomic Stability

Publishes observations on genetic, cellular, biochemical, and molecular aspects of DNA repair, mutagenesis, cell cycle regulation, and apoptosis. DNA and DNA Testing
United States

Collection of articles addressing DNA testing and how it has become an increasingly popular method of identification and research since its establishment in 1985.

A heterodimeric DNA polymerase: Evidence that members of Euryarchaeota possess a distinct DNA polymerase
United States

Journal abstract, with references.

Dapper Rat, The
United States

Dedicated to the charming, sweet, and suave rats that share Robyn and Alan's life.

Rat Genome Database
United States

Contains rat genomic data such as genes, SSLPs, ESTs, QTLs, and strain information and tools such as vcmap, genome scanner, rhmap server, metagene. Also has a rat research community forum.

Rat Genome Resources
United States

The National Center for Biotechnology Information provides information about rat data available at NCBI and other related resources from the research community, including sequence, mapping, and clone information.

United Kingdom

Links to genetic and radiation hybrid maps, markers and other resources from The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics.