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First: UCMS Physiology Associate Professor honoured with disability service award in US - Medical Dialogues

Medical Dialogues
New York: An Indian doctor and disability rights activist was today honoured with the prestigious Henry Viscardi Achievement Award in the US for raising awareness and improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. Dr Satendra Singh, 40, the ...

Kevin McKidd of “Grey's Anatomy” Tells All About his Career - DA MAN Magazine (blog)

DA MAN Magazine (blog)
And that's exactly what Scottish actor Kevin McKidd has been doing for almost a decade on hit medical drama “Grey's Anatomy.” In the show, he plays as Owen Hunt, an extremely skilled doctor who struggles with PTSD from his days as a U.S. Army trauma ...

Based at massive Pa. lab, globetrotting drug detective races against rising opioid death toll - York Daily Record/Sunday News

York Daily Record/Sunday News
This was a long way from the giant toxicology lab outside Philadelphia that the forensic toxicologist helps oversee — a lab that might be the world's largest of its kind. But such globetrotting gets the Scottish-born doctor out of the lab and into ...

Doctor Fungus

New York - United States

Doctor Fungus, your on-line reference to all things mycological!! The website is owned by the DoctorFungus Corporation and is dedicated to timely dissemination of information about fungal infections via the world-wide web. DoctorFungus gratefully acknowledges the funding for this project that it has received from its pharmaceutical Sponsors. Dr. Fungus is an independent Web site dedicated to providing a wide range of scholarly peer-reviewed contemporary and historical information regarding fungi. We seek to promote an understanding of fungi and the ways that fungal diseases of humans, animals, and plants affect people living throughout the world. We provide information to both professionals and the public by making a broad range of mycology-related images and content instantly available via the World Wide Web.

Doctor of Love, The
United States

Obituary for Alex Comfort from the New York Times (registration required).

Ask The Cat Doctor

Question and answer site for cat owners, including articles, tips, pictures, and more. All questions answered by Dr. Shelby Neely, cat vet for 18 years.

United States

An illustrated article from Wikipedia on this Kingdom which covers organisms as diverse as mushrooms, bakers yeast, wood decay fungi and penicillium.

Coral Fungus
United States

Photograph and information from Wikipedia on this family of fungi, members of which often resemble corals or antlers.

United States

Information on fungi in the genus Sphaerobolus which can appear in houses, with photographs of the symptoms and possible ways of dealing with the problem.

Coral fungus
United States

Photograph of Ramaria stricta and information from Wikipedia on this family of Coral Fungi which consists of seven genera.

Jelly Fungus
United States

These fungi are so named because their fruiting body appears to be the consistency of jelly. They are found in the orders Tremellales, Auriculariales, and Dacrymycetales.

Mushroom and Fungus Photography
United States

Photographs of over 200 mushroom and fungus species from California and Florida.

Chytrid Fungus and Chytridiomycosis
United States

Information on the newly discovered fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which is devastating populations of amphibia around the world.

Girdwood Fungus Fair
United States

The official site for this event with up to date information and pictures of common, edible, or interesting mushrooms of Girdwood Alaska.