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Dream job alert: This resort will pay you to take care of their ... - ABC15 Arizona

ABC15 Arizona
If you've ever dreamed of dropping everything and moving to a tropical island, now may be the time. Baha Mar, a new multi-billion dollar resort in the Bahamas, is staffing up and looking for a Chief...

Evolution of Watching TV - HowStuffWorks

The way we consume traditional media continues to evolve. The age of the DVR ushered in time-shifting viewing habits. But now with services like Sling TV we also have place-shifting opportunities. We talk with Sling TV to learn more. Fredric Brown ...

Every experience that the brain perceives is unique - Medical Xpress

Medical Xpress
The neurons in the prefrontal cortex will be active each time – just as if the experience was entirely new," explains study author Hugo Malagon-Vina from the Division of Cognitive Neurobiology at MedUni Vienna's Center for Brain Research. Potential ...

Doubling Time

Roubaix - France

Downloadable software to compute the doubling time of a cell line, and curve fitting to estimate cell concentration as function of time. [English/Chinese]

Real-time PCR Goes Prime Time
United States

Tutorial from Applied Biosystems, Austin, TX, USA.

Deep Time
United States

PBS Evolution offers an interactive timeline to help readers better understand geologic time and evolutionary change.

United States

Fun and informative site on the cockatiel.

Real-Time PCR
United States

Overview by MT Dorak, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.

United States

Article by Bob Fay on the salamanders that delight him.

Trees of Time and Place
United States

Project encouraging the planting of trees in the new millennium.

Tulip Time Festival

Announcements, news, and information about the annual May festival.

TIME Newsfile: Cloning
United States

Features articles on cloning from the Time Magazine archives.

Summer of the Shark - TIME
United States

Online component to TIME's cover story on how sharks hunt, where they roam, and how to avoid them.

Time: Rewriting Prehistory
United States

A team of researchers concludes that Chinese, like everyone else, came out of Africa.