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The Nurses Anatomy and Physiology Colouring Book - Nursing Times

Nursing Times
It is an excellent resource for learning and as someone who struggled with learning about Anatomy and Physiology I regret not having one! There is useful supplementary information on each page and the focus on Person Centred Practice was a welcomed ...

Pokemon Quest Best Pokemon: stats, evolution levels and strategies for the best team - VG247

We've got a separate page on how to recruit them, and Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are all worth it, with decent stats and even better stats for their later evolutions. They all share the same evolve levels – level 16 for their second form and ...

Anatomy of an app: An introduction to activity lifecycles - Android Authority (blog)

Android Authority (blog)
When you first boot up a new Android Studio project, you're greeted not with a blank page, but a whole bunch of what is known as “boilerplate” code. This is code needed for the vast majority of apps and to get that “Hello World” example up and running.

Dr. Igor A. Parshikov`s Page

Moscow - Russian Federation

Research interests and publications in the fields of microbiology, biotechnology and biochemistry

United States

Eclectic collection of thought-provoking, quasi-scientific opinions on brain function.

Morepork's Page
United States

Personal home page with a photo of a Morepork owl.

United States

A collection of owl pictures on stamps and phone cards.

The Salmon Page
United States

Large collection of links and other resources about these fish, compiled by an elementary school in Portland, Oregon. Topics include biology education and conservation, in addition to how to catch them, cook them, and buy them.

The Porpoise Page
United States

Information on the physiology, morphology, and life history of the several species in the family Phocoenidae, with explanation of their evolution and the differences between porpoises and dolphins.

Capybara Page
United States

Images of the world's largest rodent.

Dugong Page

Provides information on the dugong and its interactions with man, and links to related pages.

The Cephalopod Page
United States

Personal site of Dr. James B. Wood devoted to the cephalopods with extensive galleries and articles.

The Haworthia Page
United Kingdom

Information on this genus and its cultivation, with a small photograph gallery.

The Asclepiad Page
United Kingdom

Thorough introduction to this diverse plant family which includes milkweeds, the hoya, and numerous succulents. Includes cultivation notes and worldwide links.