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California is preparing to defend its waters from Trump order - Reveal

“The ecosystems out here are very dynamic. Year to year, they change depending on rainfall. “It's boom or bust for species,” he added. “If birds, amphibians and reptiles don't have these places to go, they'll have a hard time breeding.” In a drought ...

A signaling pathway that restricts cleavage furrow formation to the mid-plane of the cell - Phys.Org

Cell division is a fundamental biological process which ensures that, following the replication of the mother cell's genome, the two sets of chromosomes are equally distributed between two daughter cells. Chromosomes are segregated by the spindle ...

FDA's new predictive toxicology roadmap will improve human safety - The Hill

The Hill
What happens when you replace an outdated paper map with Google Maps? Predictive technology helps you find the best route, avoiding bottlenecks that may be blocking your way, so that you can safely and quickly reach your destination. The U.S. Food and ...

Dynamic Signaling Maps

Ottawa - Canada

Web-based software for creating, editing, annotating, and storing biological signaling pathways, doing consistency checks when integrating data from multiple sources, producing biomolecular network maps, and integrating pathways with protein-protein interaction data.

Dynamic Development

Embryonic development is described with links to illustrated movies.

United States

DYNCLAMP4 is a program to insert artificial synapses and conductances in up to 4 neurons in real time.

Dynamic Development

Provides information on the use of Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism.

Dynamic Great Lakes
United States

A blog about what is happening in the Great Lakes. Barbara Spring has written a book of the same name about the fish and other ecosystems of the five lakes and their connecting waters.

Owl Atlas from Dynamic Planet
United States

Owls of the Western Hemisphere is a collection of maps. Along with each owl topic, there is the "Breeding Birds - All" topic, where every US State and Canadian province is linked to its breeding bird data. Also an atlas and dynamic map software can be downloaded.

Right Whale Data and Maps
United States

Extensive information from the western North Atlantic, including sighting reports, Right Whale recovery plans, and whale watch guidelines, and reports on entangled whales.

Genetic Maps of the Rat Genome
United States

Images of genetic linkage maps resulting from the integration of two F2 intercrosses (SHRSP x BN and FHH x ACI).

United States

Genetic and physical maps for the six Dictyostelium chromosomes. Includes an annotated example map to indicate meaning of the symbols used in the images.

West Nile Virus Maps
United States

Weekly national and state maps showing reported distribution of the West Nile virus in birds, humans, mosquitoes, and sentinel flocks, as well as veterinary reports.

Trochilids: Winter Hummingbird Maps
United States

Annual maps and tallies of western hummingbirds recorded in the eastern United States in fall and winter.