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University guide 2019: league table for anatomy & physiology - The Guardian

The Guardian
University guide 2019: league table for anatomy & physiology. The study of how the human body works – includes anatomy, physiology and pathology, ophthalmics, and aural and oral sciences. Find out more about studying Anatomy & physiology · Overall ...

Olivia A. Cole's New Book 'An Anatomy Of Beasts' Isn't Out Until 2019, But You Can Start Reading It Now - Bustle

A Conspiracy of Stars just appeared on bookshelves in January, but Olivia A. Cole's new book, An Anatomy of Beasts, is already well on its way to a bookstore near you. Bustle has the exclusive on both the cover and the first chapter of An Anatomy of ...

Pale Blue Dot hone in on a solid sound for 'Anatomy' LP - Substream Magazine

Substream Magazine
Fans of everything from The National to Pearl Jam will find moments of comfort in Anatomy as frontman Tony LaRocco's vocals soar over driving rock efforts nuanced with dynamic instrumentals and a variety of directions that keep the album interesting. A ...

Earthworm Anatomy

Millstadt, Illinois - United States

Examine your earthworm and determine the dorsal and ventral sides. Locate the two openings on the ventral surface of the earthworm.
- The openings toward the anterior of the worm are the sperm ducts
- The openings near the clitellum are the genital setae.

Earthworm: Lumbricus
United States

Photographs and information on the worms in this genus.

Earthworm Information
United States

Articles and species profiles of the humble worm from the University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

Earthworm Information
United States

Extensive information about individual species, ecology and biology, and role in agriculture.

Earthworm Dissection
United States

Among the most familiar invertebrate animals are the earthworms, members of the phylum Annelida. The word annelida means "ringed" and refers to a series of rings or segments that make up the bodies of the members of this phylum. Internally, septa, or dividing walls, are located between the segments. External segments are called metameres. There may be more than 100 segments in an adult worm. The clitellum is a swelling of the body found in sexual

United States

Information circular from University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. - Earthworm Dissection
United States

Earthworms are important helpers in the garden or field! Their tunneling mixes up the soil and brings rich soil to the surface. You can observe the organs of these tiny creatures by dissecting a preserved earthworm.

Wood Turtle Earthworm Stomping
United States

Stomping for Earthworms by Clemmys insculpta in Captivity.

United States

Anatomy is a free online class taught by Sakti Srivastava. Anatomy is the most fundamental of all medical sciences. It provides the basic framework and vocabulary used in all descriptions and communications about the body. Anyone studying or working in the healthcare area or collaborating with the medical field will find this course of immense value. A variety of multimedia resources will be used to provide lucid descriptions of complex topics. E

United States

Special topics on the Animal Diversity Web include antlers, horns, hair, jaws, legs, mammary glands and teeth.

Anatomy of Auditory
United States

Systematic presentation of light microscope, electron microscope, and scanning electron microscope images of ear structures. Basic anatomy, but the structural basis of the physiology of hearing is well shown.