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Botany enthusiasts learn on Isle Royale - Daily Mining Gazette

Daily Mining Gazette
Botany enthusiasts learn on Isle Royale. June 13, 2016. By GRAHAM JAEHNIG ( , The Daily Mining Gazette. Save |. HOUGHTON - Aspiring botanists learned about the area's plant life during an expedition this week to Isle ...

A Paws for Pets - York News-Times

York News-Times
The life of a stray cat is never easy and the suffering they endure just to survive in the elements is heartbreaking. Sometimes with the help of kind individuals, the expertise of a veterinary and a shelter can make a huge difference in the life-and ...

First, Learn the Anatomy and Physiology of Your Innovation Ecosystem - MD Magazine

MD Magazine
Anatomy Kid Innovation ecosystems have elements that are arranged and connected to achieve innovation and user-defined value. The innovation ecosystem comprises two distinct, but largely separated, economies: the knowledge economy, which is driven ...

Clinical Pharmacology - Knovel

Clinical Pharmacology is a comprehensive drug reference that supports healthcare professionals in making sound medication decisions, by providing the fastest access to the most accurate, clinically relevant drug information. Download Fact Sheet.

The dangers of bath salts - FOX 61

FOX 61
Our pharmacist, Dr Michael White from the UConn School of Pharmacy has just authored a review in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology on synthetic cathinones and is here to tell us what we need to know. Cathinone is derived from the Khatt plant which ...

Restoring quality of life - fiftyplusadvocate

To satisfy his interest in research, Birbara heads the Clinical Pharmacology Study Group. At any given time, the company is enrolling test participants and conducting drug trials on a dozen or more specific ailments and treatment protocols. If there is ...

Congress aims to speed up new treatments, but at whose expense? - LifeZette

Dr. David Gortler, a former FDA senior medical officer and associate professor at Georgetown University, told LifeZette he doesn't agree with speeding up the process because lawmakers typically don't have an extensive pharmacology background.

Easy Way To Learn Pharmacology

United States

Professional scientific organization targeting scientists, clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists, and physicians.

University of Colorado - Department of Pharmacology and Graduate Program in Pharmacology
United States

Overview of pharmacology graduate program, curriculum, research interests, postdoc pages, and employment opportunities.

BMC Pharmacology
United Kingdom

BMC pharmacology is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in aspects of the discovery, design, uses, effects, ...

U of M : Department of Pharmacology
United States

pharmacology is the study of how drugs exert their effects on living systems. Drugs can be defined as chemical agents ...

United States

pharmacology has evolved over the years. Originally a scientific discipline that described the overt effects of biologically active chemicals, pharmacology ...

Weill Cornell Department of Pharmacology
United States

pharmacology Program of the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences! Our faculty carry out research in many different areas, ...

University of Washington
United States

pharmacology is the study of the interaction of living cells and organisms with the molecules they encounter in their environment. ...

Pharmacological Sciences
United States

pharmacology Graduate Program News. learn about Pharmacological Sciences as well as State University of New York at Stony Brook, pay ...

University of Oxford : Department of Pharmacology
United Kingdom

We are engaged in the investigation of basic questions concerning the interaction of chemical substances with biological systems. Several projects ...

Department of Pharmacology
United States

The University of Texas Health Science Center, Department of pharmacology. The Department of pharmacology at the Health Science Center at ...

United States

Unbiased, peer-reviewed, referenced answers to important patient care questions for health care professionals.

United States

We offer the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Veterinary Physiology and pharmacology. These programs are focused ...

University of Minnesota - Dept of Pharmacology
United States

Provides an interdisciplinary curriculum in pharmacology. Gives details of the faculty, staff, graduate program, seminars and resources.

Clinical Pharmacology
United States

Used by more than 1,500 hospitals and over 35,000 retail pharmacies in the U.S., as well as government and managed ...

Magilla Consulting
United States

Preclinical pharmacology and cell biology consulting services. Medical and scientific writing and editing services. What We Do: Consulting to the biopharmaceutical industry: ...

United States

learn how to prepare yourself and your pets for different types of disasters. Get the ASPCA's easy-to-use sticker to let ...

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
United States

Department of Physiology and pharmacology, State University of New York, Health Science Center at Brooklyn. Prior to 1956, there was ...

Harvard Medical School: Dept of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Molecular Pharmacology
United States

Research, postdoc resources, image galleries for faculty members and contacts at Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Teaching and research institute offering courses for undergraduate medical students in Serbian and English.

United Kingdom

Provides a course overview of the BSc Honours Physiology and pharmacology course, career paths for graduates and entry requirements. Course ...

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