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Bradley students catch hands-on marine-biology lesson - ThisWeek Community News

ThisWeek Community News
Holland was among 20 students who practiced hands-on marine-biology skills with staff members from Ohio State University's School of Environment and Natural Resources on May 9 at a natural pond at Latham Park, on the west side of Cosgray Road just ...

WKU adding new biology major - WYMT News

(AP) - Western Kentucky University says it is adding a new major in its biology department: molecular biotechnology. A statement from the school says the major is the next step in its genetics program and will be offered beginning this fall. Biology ...

Genetics and Molecular Biology - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
The Genetics and Molecular Biology app is aimed for younger students (middle school and high school); however, it could also serve as a review resource for introductory biology students at the undergraduate level. The app provides basic background ...

Associate in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology - Times Higher Education (THE)

Times Higher Education (THE)
Associate in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. Harvard Medical School. Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. Position Description. The Cellular and Molecular Biosciences Research Program Manager (CAMBR-PM) will be a PhD-level ...

Scientists look to systems approach – and feedback from high schoolers – for next generation of cancer research - Yale News

Yale News
By Jon Atherton. The broadest cross-section of scholars gathered last week at Yale's West Campus to share their novel science as part of the Cancer Systems Biology at Yale - CaSB@Yale - a research center, funded by the National Cancer Institute to ...

Ecology - Software

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Ecology - Software [ 21-40 of 43]
United States

Yale software; downloadable demo available for this software. Designed to teach ecosystem dynamics to advanced ecology students.

Environmental Design Making
United States

Microbial Ecology Resources' software designed for students. Allows students to create ecosystems to gain understandings of ecosystem functionality and productivity.

Ecomaster and Cascoly Critters
United States

Software: Ecology and biology simulations for all ages

ECOSIM : Ecosystem Simulation

Information and links concerning ecological modeling and application of simulation to ecology.

United States

Scans digital earth images and automatically identifies areas with both high and low biodiversity.

Ecological Software Solutions
United States

Software for biology, ecology, geography, wildlife fisheries and the environmental sciences.

Didg Information Systems

Mobile, desktop and internet information systems for recording, identifying and brokering plant and animal observations.

United States

Free educational software for college-level ecology courses plus links to many additional software sites.


Free software for data collection and analysis in ecological and environmental field work.

Blossom Statistical Software
United States

Interactive program for making statistical comparisons with distance-function based permutation tests and for testing parameters estimated in linear models with ...

United States

Program for calculating the volumes, surface areas, and surface to volume ratios of diatoms.

Across Trophic Level System Simulation
United States

A simulation system for the Everglades and Big Cypress Swamp (USA).


Exploratory and Euclidean methods in Environmental sciences.

Populus - Simulations of Population Biology
United States

Software containing set of simulations used to teach population biology and evolutionary ecology at the University of Minnesota. Freely downloadable ...

United States

Online quantitative population ecology lectures and population model and data information.

Pisces Conservation Ltd
United Kingdom

Information about ecological software and consultancy services.

United States

Set of programs to predict the micro-habitat conditions in rivers as a function of streamflow, and the relative suitability of ...

Patuxent Software Archive
United States

Site contains software for ecological management, including tagging game and ecosystem analysis.

Oakleaf Systems
United States

Simulations of data based upon relationships presented in the journal Ecology, with 25 different simulations for each journal volume.

Moist-Soil Management Advisor
United States

MSMA assists wetland managers in the development of annual management plans for a moist-soil complex composed of several individual units.

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Ecology - Software [ 21-40 of 43]