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Offers eco-safe artificial reef technology for restoring the health of coral reefs and their fisheries.T Includes reef restoration information.

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    Welcome to EcoReefs
    EcoReefsT« provides innovative solutions for marine ecological enhancements to coastal developments, marine preserves, and environmental impact zones. EcoReefs combines established principles from marine ecology with aesthetically-pleasing, eco-friendly materials to deliver state-of-the-art artificial reef systems. Our proven approach creates high-quality habitat for marine organisms and helps jump-start the establishment of coral reefs -- cost-effectively, at scale, and with minimal logistical requirements. EcoReefs provides comprehensive design & build services, including:Reef Design &T Numerical ModelingManufacture of EcoReefs Ceramic Artificial Reef ModulesArtificial Reef InstallationCulture & Transplantation of Marine OrganismsLong-term Monitoring &T MaintenanceTendering, Procurement & Project ManagementTeardrop butterflyfish (Chaetodon unimaculatus) grazing on EcoReefs modules. Smaller corals are naturally-recruited, larger corals are transplants. T Bunaken National Park, Indonesia, 18 months post-installation. T


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