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Major reports on biodiversity, ecosystem services to be launched at ... - UN News

UN News
With our planet's flora and fauna facing unprecedented threats, science and policy experts are set to gather next week in Medellin, Colombia, for a United Nations-backed meeting to consider five landmark reports aiming to inform better decisions by ...
United News of India

Marine biologist-athlete rallies locals to save Davao Gulf's ecosystem - Business Mirror

Business Mirror
MOST Filipino sports lovers who follow the Philippine Volcanoes are familiar with center-winger Harry D. Morris. Other than his duties with the national rugby team, Morris is actually a full-fledged marine biologist. He was a 2006 honor graduate from ...

Native-plant gardening promotes more flora, fauna life: ecologist - Daily Mining Gazette

Daily Mining Gazette
Photos provided by Neil Diboll One native plant offering a burst of red is the cardinal flower, a favorite for hummingbirds. HOUGHTON — Gardening with native plants is good for native wildlife, the ecosystem and can be simple to care for once plants ...

Kelp forests are vital to marine biodiversity, just as Darwin predicted -
Kelp forests are vital to marine biodiversity, just as Darwin predicted. "Our modeling results suggest that the physical aspects of the kelp... affect the reef ecosystem more than its productivity," researcher Robert Miller said. By Brooks Hays | March ...

Kenya Gambles On Dirty Energy With Its First Coal Plant - HuffPost

The archipelago is a valuable marine ecosystem of coastal mangroves that provide a breeding ground for protected sea turtles. “This project will be Kenya's largest emitter of carbon dioxide and may be Kenya's single largest emitter of toxic substances ...

Marine ecologists study the effects of giant kelp on groups of organisms in the underwater forest ecosystem - Phys.Org

Their results appear in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. "We posited that giant kelp fed herbivores in the system and provided structure and habitat for predators, and that it was fed upon by sea urchins and affected the understory ...

Biodiversity and Land Degradation: New Expert Insights - Inter Press Service

Inter Press Service
Four of the assessment reports present the best-available and most recent evidence about biodiversity and ecosystem services in the world's major regions, including Africa. The fifth assessment report describes the state of global land degradation and ...


Forest Ecosystem Dynamics
United States

Research on modeling and monitoring ecosystem processes and patterns in response to natural and anthropogenic effects.

Ecosystem Economics
United States

Getting Economics Right for Ecosystems. Established in 2007, at ecosystem Economics, we are passionate about using the power of economic ...


An ecosystem is a system which is formed when a community of organisms interacts with the environment. An ecosystem is ...

Biodiversity and Mutualism in Ecosystems
United States

Technical paper on the importance of biodiversity and mutualism (co-operation between different species) to ecosystem function and structural organization.

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
United States

Reports from international effort to inventory global ecosystems, their contribution to human development, and the effect of the ongoing degradation ...

Ecosystem Management at the University of Michigan
United States

UM research and teaching related to ecosystems and their management, including ecosystem-based approaches to resource management.

Association of Ecosystem Research Centers
United States

Group brings together 39 U.S. research programs in universities and private, state and federal laboratories that conduct research, provide training ...

Rushforth Phycology, LLC
United States

Rushforth Phycology, LLC is dedicated to client service in providing aquatic algal analyses. We have been involved in this work ...

Alabama Center for Estuarine Studies
United States

Studies the global pervasiveness of human induced changes to the estuarine ecosystem.

The Concept of Naturalness in Natural Resource and Ecosystem Management
United States

MS thesis, 1997. Examination of how a concept of "naturalness" is defined and applied socially and ecologically. Special emphasis on ...

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
United States

Learn about the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge that was established in 1936 to preserve the 438,000 acre Okefenokee Swamp.

Forest Ecosystems and Ecological Risks

An LTER site working to improve the understanding of forest ecosystem processes through the long-term study of selected forest plots ...

Ecosystem Aquarium
United States

Home of the ecosystem Miracle Mud Method filtration system, designed to make keeping marine and reef aquariums simple and fool-proof ...

Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health
United States

The mission of the Center for Invasive Species & ecosystem Health is to serve a lead role in development, consolidation ...


Papers on integrated relationships between environmental stressors and integrity of aquatic ecosystems.

The Interior Columbia River Ecosystem Management Project
United States

ICBEMP outlines scientific and ecosystem-based strategies for public land management in the Pacific and interior northwestern United States. Links to ...


Computer simulation of an ecosystem and biological evolution through random mutations and natural selection.

Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS)

GTOS mission is to provide policy makers, resource managers and researchers with the data they need to detect, quantify, locate ...


Creating integrated ecosystem management strategies and action plans in three selected model areas in the Russian Arctic.

Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve
United States

2200-hectare experimental ecological reserve operated by the University of Minnesota. Suitable for study of the deciduous forest, the boreal forest ...

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