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The Anatomy of a Stealth Encounter - Gamasutra (blog)

Gamasutra (blog)
Seven years ago, at Crystal Dynamics, I was given the opportunity to lead the stealth gameplay effort in the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot. Stealth was an area I had light level design experience in from The Bourne Conspiracy but Tomb Raider was a much more ...

'Turkey's roof' similar to natural aquarium - Hurriyet Daily News

Hurriyet Daily News
The Karasu and Bulakbaşı wetlands on the skirts of Mount Ağrı, which are known as 'Turkey's roof' due to their height, are home to beautiful flora and fauna underwater. The area, where the snow that accumulates at the summit of Mount Ağrı resembles a ...

Significant achievements made in protecting biodiversity of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: white paper - Xinhua

BEIJING, July 18 (Xinhua) -- A number of eco-projects have been implemented on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, achieving positive results in ecosystem conservation, bringing under control the degradation of the local ecosystem and restoring the biodiversity ...

Ecosystems Mission Area (ECO)

Reston, Virginia - United States

The Ecosystems Mission Area (ECO) works with others to provide the scientific understanding and technologies needed to support the sound management and conservation of our Nation's biological resources. The following general principles guide the implementation of our mission and form the basis of our strategic planning:

* Ecosystems Mission Area develops scientific and statistically reliable methods and protocols to assess the status and trends of the Nation's biological resources.
* Ecosystems Mission Area utilizes tools from the biological, physical, and social sciences to understand the causes of biological and ecological trends and to predict the ecological consequences of management practices.
* Ecosystems Mission Area leads in the development and use of the technologies needed to synthesize, analyze, and disseminate biological and ecological information.
* Ecosystems Mission Area strives for quality, integrity, and credibility of its research and technology by constantly improving its scientific programs through internal quality control, external peer review, and competitive funding.
* Ecosystems Mission Area enters into partnerships with scientific collaborators to produce high-quality scientific information and partnerships with the users of scientific information to ensure this information's relevance and application to real problems.
* Ecosystems Mission Area provides reliable scientific information to all American citizens while recognizing a special obligation to serve the biological information needs of Department of the Interior bureaus.
* Ecosystems Mission Area strives for a diverse, safe, healthy, and productive workforce, and provides opportunities for the continuing education and professional development of its employees.

EcoSystems Mission - Ecotopia
United States

Aim is to develop, promote and market methodologies, technologies, and products that conserve natural resources and advance our planet towards sustainability through the use of solar energy.

Wild Animal Rescue Mission (WARM)
United States

Specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and return to the wild of orphaned and injured raptors and large mammals indigenous to the Pacific Northwest.

United States

Project by Joseph Melton on this endangered species, including its description, habitat, natural history, evolution, distribution and status.

Mission College's Species of Special Concern: Burrowing Owl
United States

Looks at their biology, and the impacts of campus development on their population.

Eco Insight
United Kingdom

Eco Insight, in association with a network of specialists, provides a range of consulting services in the fields of ecology and conservation in Africa.


International exploratory study of the animals inhabiting the northern mid-Atlantic.

Eco Station, The
United States

Focuses on the rescue and rehabilitation of exotic wildlife and provides learning opportunities for children and families.

Eco-Systems, Inc.
United States

Environmental consulting and construction firm specializing in marine construction, aquatic and terrestrial habitat restoration, wetland delineation, and stormwater management. Information on qualifications and past projects. Indiana, USA.

United Kingdom

Invertebrate and ecological surveying; environmental education and training. Location: Cheshire, UK.

Eco News Online
United States

Provides accessible articles on new ecological research and news for those who wish to sift out the truth about the global ecology from the many myths that abound.