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George Oster, pioneer in applying mathematics to biology, dies at 77 - UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley
He will be remembered for the fountain of ideas gushing out of him in the Brewed Awakening café on Euclid Avenue at the edge of UC Berkeley campus, where he held informal group meetings almost every morning. A member of the National Academy of Sciences ...

This Bike Seat Claims To Be 'Truly Anatomical' - WVXU

Physical therapist Shane Page and his company, Edge Cycle Technologies, have developed a bike seat that he says is “truly anatomical and accepts our anatomy instead of pressing against it.” Page won a University of Dayton competition and plans to sell ...

Cliff's Edge-Neurons Thinking about Neurons - Adventist Review

Adventist Review
Day and night for almost two years, both in class (at Wildwood Sanitarium and Hospital) and out, I gorged myself on his knowledge, even to the point where he let me hold lectures for the patients about the brain (eventually). I remember early on ...

Edge BioSystems

Orlando - United States

Supplies DNA and PCR purification products, cDNA libraries and protein expression systems, from Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Gene Expression

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    EdgeBio is an established research reagents company providing high-quality nucleic acids purification products to the scientific research community. Our products and services help simplify the complex task of discovery, and make it affordable and fun. In a high-pressure field with so many unknowns, Edge offers our customers both peace of mind and a competitive edge.

Barnacles: Living on the Edge
United States

Article by Wim van Egmond on the life cycle and development of the barnacle with several interesting photographs.

Water's Edge Scientific LLC
United States

Water's Edge Scientific LLC is an environmental consulting firm specializing in biological aspects of water quality. Our services include: * Algal analysis: identification, enumeration, and biovolume * Zooplankton analysis: identification, enumeration, and biomass * Macrophyte identification and herbarium preparation * Data analysis and report writing Let us assist with your water quality monitoring projects! Water's Edge Sci

Hoary Edge (Achalarus lyciades)
United States

Photos of this species in North Carolina. Describes how to distinguish from Silver-spotted Skipper.

About Aldo Leopold - Edge of the Prairie
United States

About Aldo Leopold, with links to resources and books

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Life on the Edge 2004
United States

Ongoing study that aims to document and understand the habitats and the species that exist along the edge of the continental shelf and the deeper continental slope.

NOAA Ocean Explorer: Life on the Edge 2003
United States

Exploring the unique and productive deep-water habitats located off the Carolinas. Includes a log of the expedition, as well as photos of the species encountered.

K7 BioSystems
United States

Supplier of arrayers and related accessories for tissue microarray construction.


Publishes experimental, computational, and theoretical articles that link biology, evolutionary thinking, and the information processing sciences.

United States

Developing protein biomarker screen in human tissues, for clinical applications, using integrated multidimensional capillary, microfluidics and bioinformatics technologies. Overview of systems and company in Rockville, Maryland.

Proxeon Biosystems

The company is based in Odense, Denmark and is focused towards the proteomics market. Products include sample preparation tips, ion sources and emitters, nanoscale chromatography systems for LC-MS, and a tool for data interpretation.