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The thrill of finding Steinbeck's magical lily on a botany outing to California's Central Coast - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
I was so entranced by the book, and so embarrassed about the breadth of my ignorance, that I asked Ritter to invite me along on one of his weekly field trips for the class he and Yost have co-taught for four years, "Field Botany: California Plant ...

Saving Biodiversity in Protected Areas - New York Times

New York Times
Noting that some “protected areas” — like parks and wildlife refuges — inadequately safeguard biodiversity, he discourages setting acreage goals for conserving the world's diminishing biodiversity. While some such areas need better protections, that ...

Metabolomics in Toxicology -
Metabolomics plays an essential role in toxicological research by providing a detailed analysis of altered metabolic pathways that are targeted by harmful chemicals. It also helps researchers and key players in the medical field to understand the ... - Nature and Wildlife Field Guides

Washington - United States

Owl pictures from a searchable nature and wildlife database.

Pit Vipers - eNature Field Guides
United States

Find profiles and photos of pit vipers: copperheads, rattlesnakes, sidewinders, massasaugas, and cottonmouths.

International Field Guides
United States

A web supplement to Diane Schmidt's book, A Guide to Field Guides.

Wildlife West Nature Park
United States

Edgewood near Santa Fe. 122 acre wildlife refuge and enhanced zoo. General information, calendar of events, classes offered, and a photo gallery of park animals.

Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge
United States

Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and abused wild animals.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve and Wildlife Foundation
United Kingdom

Preserves local flora and fauna, including over a third of Botswana's white rhino population, and also houses one of two wild animal orphanages in the country.

Aquarium Guides
United States

Provides information and articles about aquarium fish and other aquarium related topics.

United States

Destination for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and environmentalists. eNature offers animal and plant field guides, habitat guides, news, and community tools.

eNature: Trees
United States

Photographic nature field guides for identifying trees, sorted by leaf type: needle-leaf conifers, scale-leaf conifers, untoothed simple leaves, toothed simple leaves, lobed simple leaves, compound leaves, and palms.

eNature: FieldGuides
United States

Guide to thousands of animals and plants with color photos, sound clips, and natural history information. The guide contains sections for birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, seashore creatures, butterflies, wildflowers, and trees.

eNature Birds
United States

eNature Field Guide to Birds is a guide to America's birds with species pictures, field descriptions, range maps, bird calls, habitat information, and more.