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Unique plants, biodiversity among today's trends in gardening - Toronto Star

Toronto Star
Biodiversity will become a bigger focus as we learn more about threats β€” to the earth's rain forests and to green spaces closer to home. You can mark Mark's words on this: in 20 years there will be as many insect hotels as there are birdhouses in ...

UIC biology professor inspires love of dunes in students with annual study tour of native flora -
GARY β€” As waves splashed gracefully behind him, a college biology professor stood on a small, snow-dusted dune at Lake Street Beach and announced to his students they were here to "look for plants." Som Ale, of the University of Illinois at Chicago ...

University zoology student studies largest known specimen of black carp - Daily Egyptian

Daily Egyptian
The largest known specimen of black carp has been brought to university researchers who hope to unlock important information about the invasive species. β€œThe fish was substantially larger than anything we had seen before,” Greg Whitledge, an associate ...

eNature: Native Gardening and Invasive Plants Guide

Washington - United States

Designed to help gardeners find and recommended native garden plants in their state and lists of some of the plants that are best avoided in the garden because they can be weedy or invasive.

Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening
United States

Guide to naturescaping: from gardening with native plants to attracting native wildlife to one's yard.

United States

A worldwide resource for tracking exotic ants

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
United States

Information, including databases, on aquatic and wetlands plants, including invasive plants and their control. Many internet links to related resources. From University of Florida.

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
United States

Aquatic plant database, images, drawings, video programs, and more.

Australian Native Plants
United States

Photographs of Australian plants with fact sheets, distribution maps and conservation notes

Growing Native Plants

Written by botanical interns as part of their training program with the Australian National Herbarium.

Florida's Native Plants
United States

Shows how native plants are the trick to successful, low-maintenance, low-cost gardening in Florida.

Hawaiian Native Plants - Peperomia
United States

Photos of several species found in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Native Plants - Gardenia
United States

Images of the endangered endemic Gardenia brighamii, O'ahu endemic G. mannii, and Moloka'i endemic G. remyi.

Central Washington Native Plants
United States

Includes photographs of both endemic and cordilleran species.