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Misreading the Mokele-Mbembe (the Mokele-Mbembe, Part 1) - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
Regular readers of Tet Zoo will know that I've written – on a great many occasions – about cryptozoology (the hunt for creatures known only from anecdotal evidence and not thought by the majority of scientists to truly await discovery as valid ...

'Monstrous' new sabre-toothed fossils from Russia reveal early evolution of mammals - The Independent

The Independent
Two new species of predatory creatures with giant sabre teeth have been unearthed in Russia. The prehistoric animals belong to a group known as therapsids or “protomammals” that ruled the planet long before the first dinosaurs over 250 million years ago.
Science Daily
Courthouse News Service

Endangered greater bilby and honey possum key to WA habitat say ecology group Bush Heritage - The West Australian

The West Australian
These cute creatures have more than their cuddly appearance going for them. The greater bilby and honey possum are key to WA's natural landscape thriving. Ecology group Bush Heritage has identified these animals and more as keystone species, which ...

eNature: Seashore Creatures

Washington - United States

Nature and wildlife field guides for near shore and intertidal residents. Find photos of corals, anemenes, urchins, sea stars, crabs, plantlike animals, and others that dwell along the rocky coast..

Assateague National Seashore Foster Horse Program
United States

Offering people the opportunity to become a foster parent of an Assateague wild horse and to help manage and protect the horses, the barrier island, and coastal bay habitats on which they depend.

United States

Destination for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and environmentalists. eNature offers animal and plant field guides, habitat guides, news, and community tools.

eNature: Trees
United States

Photographic nature field guides for identifying trees, sorted by leaf type: needle-leaf conifers, scale-leaf conifers, untoothed simple leaves, toothed simple leaves, lobed simple leaves, compound leaves, and palms.

eNature: FieldGuides
United States

Guide to thousands of animals and plants with color photos, sound clips, and natural history information. The guide contains sections for birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, seashore creatures, butterflies, wildflowers, and trees.

eNature Birds
United States

eNature Field Guide to Birds is a guide to America's birds with species pictures, field descriptions, range maps, bird calls, habitat information, and more.

Crinoid Creatures
United States

Spectacular photographs and a brief article about modern crinoids.

Kratts' Creatures
United States

Offers simple profiles of some of the continents' and oceans' most notable animals categorized by region.

Caring for Creatures
United States

Animal rescue, adoption, and resources.

Bizarre Creatures
United States

Blog on strange, unusual or weird animals from around the world.

Kratts' Creatures
United States

An interactive map featuring animals from around the world.