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Ancient human sites may have distorted our understanding of the Amazon's natural ecology -
When today's scientists examine the forest's ecology, they are primarily looking within environments where ancient native peoples lived, cleared land, and cultivated crops. These relatively “young” areas of rainforest are still recovering from human ...

Four-year-old children's knowledge about ecology: In their play ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
What do young children from diverse cultural communities think about the natural world? How does a child's existing knowledge and beliefs influence their subsequent learning? Questions like these have remained unanswered, largely because research in ...

Student shares their success story at Wonders of the Ozarks Learning Facility - KY3

Keilei always wanted to be a singer and still does, but she also said she now wants to be a marine biologist. "I didn't even know marine biology was a career until this year," Keilei said. "I like to figure things out and this would be great for me ...

Enchanted Learning: Human Anatomy

Redmond - United States

Offers informational printouts about the human body for school children.

Enchanted Learning: Plants
United States

Includes an illustrated plant dictionary for children, Arbor Day crafts, coloring pages, and quizzes related to plants and flowers.

Enchanted Learning: Spiders
United States

Includes spider rhymes, crafts, printouts to color, and other activities for children.

Enchanted Learning: Butterflies
United States

With life cycle info, anatomy, photos, and more.

Enchanted Learning: Cassowary
United States

Offers an educational coloring page of the second biggest bird in the world.

Enchanted Learning: All About Bats
United States

Offers educational printouts and coloring pages for children interested in learning about bats. Find out about bat anatomy, senses of smell and hearing, and common species like fruit bats and vampire bats.

Enchanted Learning: Reindeer
United States

Profile and characteristics of the medium-sized member of the deer family.

Enchanted Learning: All About Gibbons
United States

Offers information and printable quiz.

Enchanted Learning: All About Orangutans
United States

Offers a simple biological profile of the large southeast Asian apes.

Enchanted Learning: All About Sloths
United States

Offers a printout that can be colored as well as basic facts about the slow-moving mammal.

Enchanted Learning: Basilisk
United States

Diagram and facts about the green basilisk.