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News at OU
Not many investor analysts can boast of an undergraduate degree in zoology. For Kevin Pratt, MBA '14, though, the leap from endangered amphibians to the world of finance was a positive one, thanks to the MBA program at the OU School of Business ...

Spring Planting for Upland Game - Wahpeton Daily News

Wahpeton Daily News
The NRCS also advises against tree plantings located anywhere near stretches of native prairie in the state, as these fragmented areas are the last remaining portions of an endangered ecosystem, and introduction of non-native trees and shrubs can ...

Biodiversity Is Life's Safety Net - The Atlantic

The Atlantic
In his book The Diversity of Life (1992), he described biodiversity as an assemblage that “has eaten the storms—folded them into its genes—and created the world that created us. It holds the world steady.” We tend to think of biodiversity as a ...

Endangered Animals of the World

Diemen - Netherlands

A project designed to help students gain skills in researching, collaborating and telecommunicating while learning about endangered animals, and sharing that information with the world.

Help Endangered Animals - Ridley Turtles
United States

Organized in 1982 to save the Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys kempi) from extinction by educating the public and supporting conservation laws that protect sea turtles.

Russian Federation

Includes illustrations, biological information, sound files, and distribution maps. In Russian.

Help Endangered Animals - Ridley Turtles (HEART)
United States

Promoting preservation of all endangered sea turtles, especially the Kemp's Ridley, through education and activism.

Conservation of Endangered Animals by using Sperm and Embryo Freezing

A project to preserve several endangered mammals of far northern Europe, using cryopreservation. At the University of Kuopio, Finland.

The World's Most Endangered Bryophytes

A list of the most endangered mosses and liverworts, with descriptions of their habitats and the last known localities.

Endangered Whales of the World
United States

Includes information on preservation efforts and whale species population.

United States

Companion site to an American Museum of Natural History exhibition covering endangered animals and habitats, causes, and more.

Endangered & Threatened Birds of the World
United States

Portal to photo discussion pages by Don Roberson. Focuses on several rare species.

Endangered!: Exploring a World at Risk
United States

Biodiversity conservation exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Provides profiles of endangered animals and their habitats from around the world.

United States

Blog introducing some less well known mammals from around the world.