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UM professor receives award of excellence in fish physiology - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
MIAMI-- University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Professor Martin Grosell received the Award of Excellence in fish physiology from the American Fisheries Society. The award was presented to Grosell during the 13th ...

Princess Mako visits Brazilian zoology museum that's home to millions of specimens - The Japan Times

The Japan Times
The collection at the Museum of Zoology includes fish specimens that the Japanese Emperor donated to the university after his visit to Sao Paulo in 1978, when he was Crown Prince. The princess showed interest in the specimens and asked questions, ...

The critically endangered giant sea bass is making an encouraging but fragile comeback off Southern California - Herald-Mail Media

Herald-Mail Media
With more than 1 million dives logged annually in California, makers of the website hope it will help with the recovery of the species by identifying their spawning grounds, calculating how far they move, determining whether they inhabit protected ...

Zoology professor brings dinosaurs to life for pupils - The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald
Children were enthralled as they got the chance to see replica fossils close up and hear from the professor of zoology at Oxford University about how animals would have lived thousands of years ago. As well as being keen to find out how fish outdated ...

Ecologists try to speed up evolution to save Australian marsupial from toxic toads -
On an island off Australia's north-central coast, researchers are conducting an unprecedented experiment: mixing endangered animals that have evolved genetic defences against their biggest foe with those that haven't, in the hope that their offspring ...

Donald Trump and the Decline of Species - New York Times

New York Times
Economics aside, why can we not recognize that a greater diversity of flora and fauna enhances our quality of life? Are you not awestruck when observing a killer whale leap out of Puget Sound? Are you not humbled when a wolf howls in the distance?
New York Times
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Restorasi Ekosistem Riau Ecosystem Restoration Program Continues to Boost Biodiversity on Riau's Kampar Peninsula - What They Think

What They Think
Monday, July 23, 2018. Press release from the issuing company. The return of rare and endangered birdlife, the growth of sustainable forest-related alternative community livelihoods, and the continued absence of fire are just three of the highlights ...

Endangered Fish

United States

fish Information Website. Everything you need to know about the biology of the fish.

Piranha Keeping for Beginners
United Kingdom

Information from Tropical fish Finder by Nick Gardner.
United States

Includes fish and plant profiles, product reviews, and a message board specializing in tropical fish.

Fish Tank Tutor
United States

Offers tropical fish tank information including aquarium set up, equipment info, maintenance, and general fish keeping advice.

World of Fish, A
United States

Offers information for beginners on new tanks, species, water conditions, and more.

Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
United States

Learn about the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge that was established in 1936 to preserve the 438,000 acre Okefenokee Swamp.

Fish Anatomy
United Kingdom

An illustrated introduction to the external and internal anatomy of the fish.

PetStation's Fish Fair
United States

Articles, photos and much more about all types of aquarium fish and setups!

World Wildlife Fund: Saving Rhinos in the Wild
United States

Outlines their conservation strategies and provides updates on the status of several species.

Endangered Species
United States

Spread the word about endangered species and increase public awareness! endangered Species is dedicated to providing all the best endangered ...

United States

Diellia unisora and two other plant species from the Waianae Mountains of Oahu, Hawaii are determined endangered status by the ...

Web Directory: NetPets Fish Clubs
United States

Lists both international and regional organizations by area or topic.

Aquarium Guides
United States

Provides information and articles about aquarium fish and other aquarium related topics.

Net Pets: Clownfish
United States

Includes breeding instructions for clownfish.

United States

Provides information, forums, articles, and a species database about freshwater, salwater, brackish, pond, and tropical fish.

AquaWeb Fish Resources
United States

Free forum for dedicated fishkeepers to display their knowledge of freshwater and marine fish, aquatic plants, and anything else fish ...

Endangered Species Coalition
United States

Supports stronger protections for the nation's imperiled wildlife. Includes action alerts, policy updates, legislative news, and activist resources.

WWF: Marine Turtles
United States

Learn about the marine turtle life cycle and habitat, the WWF's Global Marine Turtle Programme, and conservation efforts for all ...

Sei Whale Fact Sheet
United States

Description, life history, distribution, habitat and status of this endangered species.

Aquarium Fish International
United States

Monthly magazine for novice and expert aquarium enthusiasts. Find species profiles, fresh water, salt water, and pond articles, and community ...

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