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Hidden gem: Exploring an unspoiled natural retreat - The Daily Progress

The Daily Progress
Fortune's Cove lies along the Piedmont and Blue Ridge regions of Virginia and hosts “a unique collection of fauna from both areas,” according to the Nature Conservancy website. The combination of plant species within the preserve is “extremely rare ...

Biological signalling processes in intelligent materials - Science Daily

Science Daily
"Thanks to major progress in our understanding of the components and wiring of biological signalling processes, we are now at a stage where we can transfer biological modules from synthetic biology to materials," explains lead researcher Prof. Wilfried ...

Cell Biology/Optogenetics: Optogenetics method leverages CRISPR/Cas9 tools - BioOptics World

BioOptics World
Understanding gene function during cell growth, differentiation, metabolism, and homeostasis calls for tools able to control target gene expression in real time. Researchers at Texas A&M University have reported new progress in this area—progress that ...

Ensatina eschscholtzi: Speciation in Progress

Santa Rosa - United States

Classic example of Darwinian evolution. This lungless salamander is now in the process of splitting into two or more species by means of gradualism.

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    Evolution - Phylogeny

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    Santa Rosa Junior College: Life Sciences

Biotechnology Progress
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A joint publication of the American Chemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, features research reports, reviews, and descriptions of emerging techniques for the development and design of new processes, products, and devices for the biotechnology/bioprocess industries.

Mycological Progress
United States

Papers on all aspects of fungi, including lichens. Contains author instructions, subscription information, and contents and abstracts (2002 to present).

Plant Health Progress
United States

Online journal covering all aspects of applied plant health management. Contains papers (from 2000), author guidelines and newsletter.

Progress in Histochemistry and Cytochemistry

Reviews within the entire field of histochemistry and cytochemistry. Methodological contributions as well as papers in the fields of applied histo- and cytochemistry (e.g. cell biology, pathology, clinical disciplines).

Progress in Lipid Research

Journal which reviews recent progress in particular fields and to sets current research against its historical background. Tables of contents and abstracts, full text by subscription to Elsevier BV.

Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology

An international review journal on the area between the physical and biological sciences. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription. Published by Elsevier Science, Netherlands.

Marine Ecology Progress Series

Journal scope includes all aspects of marine ecology, fundamental and applied.

Wikipedia: Speciation
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Hyperlinked article about the appearance of a new species of life.

Models of Speciation
United States

Historical phenomenon that is a fundamental issue in evolutionary biology.

United States

USDA site reports positive results on field tests using Eustenopus villosus weevils to control starthistle in Idaho.