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Local Land Services day to help create habitats for biodiversity ... - Western Advocate

Western Advocate
Keen to create a wildlife-friendly environment in your own back?

Plastic eating microbes to the rescue: evolution may be finding a solution to the problem of plastic waste - Treehugger

The preferred solution to pollution requires acting at the source to prevent the contaminants from entering the environment in the first place. But as it is clear there is already a big mess to clean up, and as we probably won't stop using plastics ...

A study proves there is a link between depth and longevity of marine species like corals and gorgonians - Phys.Org

Due the difficulties of the marine environment for scientific research, the most studied biological communities by researchers are mostly those at 30 to 40 meters deep maximum (tropical reefs, algae infralittoral communities, etc.). Despite the ...

Business Destinations explores Royal Senchi Hotel, one of Ghana's premier hotels - GlobeNewswire (press release)

GlobeNewswire (press release)
... ensure their activities in Ghana do not place undue burden on the country's natural environment will be pleased to hear about the local conservation projects being undertaken by Royal Senchi. For example, the Senchi Nature Park, which is free-of ...

Intensification of agriculture and social hierarchies evolve together, study finds - Science Daily

Science Daily
"There's a widely held view that material changes to the environment drive social evolution and not the reverse," states Atkinson. "Our findings challenge that view and show that the causal arrow actually goes both ways." "The findings suggest that ...

Certara Launches Industry-First Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) Consortium on Immuno-oncology with ... - Business Wire (press release)

Business Wire (press release)
Modeled after Certara's highly successful, Simcyp® Consortium, this new QSP consortium brings together leading biopharmaceutical companies in a pre-competitive environment to develop cooperatively a QSP Immuno-oncology Simulator that can model clinical ...

Ecology and Environment's (EEI) CEO Gerard Gallagher on Q2 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha
Good morning everyone and thank you for joining us to discuss Ecology and Environment's financial results for the second quarter of our fiscal year 2018. I'm Gerry Gallagher, E&E's President and CEO. Joining me on this call is our Chief Financial ...


Natural Solutions

Software engineering firm experienced in ecoinformatics and environment data management. English and French.

House Dust Mites and the Built Environment
United Kingdom

A study of the Pyroglyphidae including their ecology, physiology and their hygrothermal environment in beds and bedding. [PDF]

Species, Speciation, and the Environment
United States

Article by Niles Eldredge outlining how environment change plays a major role in the evolution of species.

Cetacean Society International
United States

All-volunteer, nonprofit organization working for the preservation and protection of all cetaceans and the marine environment on a global basis.

Online review articles about ecology, natural history, and the environment.

United States

Describes an integrated environment for high performance spatial modeling, called the Spatial Modeling environment (SME). Includes examples of ecological applications.

University of Bergen: Department of Biology

This is a branch of ecology that studies how organisms have evolved to become adapted to their environment. This includes ...

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme

Information about studies of contaminants in the Arctic environment, including sources, transport, and effects on biota and humans.


An ecosystem is a system which is formed when a community of organisms interacts with the environment. An ecosystem is ...

Environment Australia - Biodiversity Group

Promotes the exchange of information on the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the National Strategy for the ...

Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)

Learn what plants, animals, and other organisms occur in Australia and where are they found. ABRS provides both flora and ...

Biology Education

The site is about Biology and environment education and issues related to Sciences in general and biology in particular. The ...

Center for the Study of the Environment

Private not-for-profit organization, providing information, identification, analysis and optimal solutions to environmental problems. Science based projects are conducted on global, ...

United States

The Curriculum for the environment and Ecology is a multidisciplinary degree program that seeks to foster an understanding and appreciation ...


Irish developer of an advanced microfluidics drug screening tool that uses a simulated human environment thus narrowing the gap between ...

Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Marine Turtle in Southern Baja (ASUPMATOMA)
United States

Helping to save sea turtles along Baja's coastline by protecting their nurseries.

Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research
United States

Collaboration between two U.S. universities with the goal to prevent disease in humans and ecosystems.

Ecology Center
United States

The Ecology Center is a membership-based, nonprofit environmental organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Founded by community activists after the ...

United States

The Association for the Protection of the environment and the Marine Turtle in Southern Baja is an organization protecting sea ...

Italian League for Bird Protection - UK
United Kingdom

British branch of Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (LIPU), working to protect bird life in Italy.

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