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Urban Ecology Center's $12 million expansion plan at Washington Park would save taxpayers - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Urban Ecology Center is offering to lead a fundraising campaign to replace the 1970s-era boathouse on the park's lagoon with a $12 million community building that it would use for school environmental education programs and keep open to the public.

Labor slams state government over $75m consultants bill for Newcastle Port privatisation - Newcastle Herald

Newcastle Herald
As well as the Morgans, PWC and Minters jobs, environmental Resources Management received $2.9 million for environmental engineering advice on Botany/Kembla and $2.4 million for Newcastle. For technical engineering advice, GHD was paid $2.4 ...

'Fine to be used for restoring Beas ecology' - Times of India

Times of India
Pannu said the environmental compensation of Rs 5 crore would be deposited with the PPCB on the basis of polluter pays the principle, as held by the Supreme Court and the money would be utilized for conservation and restoration of the ecology of the ...
Hindustan Times
Daily Pioneer

Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia

Denver - United States

General information about 118 elements, compounds, and products. U.S. National Park Service, February 1998.

The Impact of Environmental Levels of Aquatic Contaminants on Atlantic Salmon
United Kingdom

Research into the impact of agricultural pesticides on sensitive stages of the life history of Salmonids. [PDF]

Chemical Contaminants in Gray Whales
United States

Discusses chemical contaminants in gray whales stranded in Alaska, Washington, and California.

The PCR Encyclopedia
United States

Describes plans for a free encyclopedia dedicated to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Botany Encyclopedia
United States

Includes a botanical dictionary, advice for gardeners, and a store selling plants.

Bromeliad Encyclopedia
United States

Photos, classification, and culture of bromeliads from the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies.

Encyclopedia of Life
United States

A new project to create an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet. Includes FAQ and press resources.

EcoCyc Encyclopedia
United States

Database that describes the genome and the biochemical machinery of E. coli, maintained by SRI International, Menlo Park, CA.

Biotecnika Encyclopedia
United States

Biotechnology encyclopedia intended to be used by students worldwide for the purpose of academic reference.

Encyclopedia of Plants
United States

Browsable encylcopedia of plants providing botanical names, symbols and details for over 90,000 species.

Encyclopedia of Life
United States

Encyclopedia of Life is an ecosystem of web sites that makes all key information about life on Earth accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.