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One key question is how the diverse set of sugar molecules reaches the proteins in the first place. ETH researchers in the groups led by Kaspar Locher of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics and Markus Aebi of the Institute of Microbiology ...

ETH Zurich

Z├╝rich - Switzerland

Research in plant ecology, plant systematics, mycology, and archeobotany.

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    Forschung im Bereich Pflanzenoekologie, Evolution, Systematik und Naturschutz. Lehre in Umweltnaturwissenschaften, Biologie, Landwirt- und Forstwirtschaft und andere Fachbereiche Research in plant ecology, evolution, systematics and nature conservation. Teaching in environmental sciences, biology, agriculture forestry and other departments


    Geobotanik - Ethz - Naturschutz - Gentech - Umweltnaturwissenschaften - Ibz

Geobotanical Institute ETH Zurich

An Institute of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The main activities of the Institute are in the fields of plant ecology, plant evolution, and the systematics of higher plants and fungi.

ETH Zurich: Theoretical Biology

The Theoretical Biology Group of the ETH Zurich. We are part of the Institute of Integrative Biology and the Department of Environmental Sciences at the ETH Zurich. Our research and teaching focuses on microbial population biology. Most of our work is theoretical/computational, but we also do some experimental work. Members of the group have diverse backgrounds (biology, physics, mathematics). The atmosphere is international with people coming fr

Zurich Center For Structural Biology

We are a network of scientists specialized in the structural biology of membrane proteins and supramolecular complexes. Our network has evolved from the NCCR Structural Biology (2001-2013).

Department of Medical Microbiology of the University of Zurich

Information about the tasks of the Department, which include teaching, research, laboratory diagnosis of bacterial and fungal infections, and external quality control in medical microbiology for Switzerland.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich - Department of Biology

Overview, departmental subdivisions, groups and laboratories, research projects, courses and lectures, and services.