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Jurassic World Evolution: Sandbox Mode Details - IGN First - IGN

Well, here it is and it's home to Jurassic World Evolution's Sandbox mode where you'll have unlimited funds to help you build your perfect park. You'll unlock the mode by getting a 4-star rating on the first island in the main game, Isla Matanceros ...

Jurassic World Evolution: Revealing Isla Pena - IGN First - IGN

Jurassic World Evolution: Revealing Isla Pena - IGN First. Share. Night time + death island = fun. By Gav Murphy In Jurassic World Evolution you're the main person in charge of running parks and all the science behind them on the islands known as Las ...

Jurassic World Evolution: Revealing Isla Tacano - IGN First - IGN

By Daniel Krupa and Gav Murphy Jurassic World Evolution sticks you in charge of the Islands known as Las Cinco Muertes, which is more cheerfully known as The Five Deaths. Why anybody would decide to start a resort full of spiky teethed monsters on ...
Flickering Myth

Expedition 2000 to Isla Guadalupe

Chicago - United States

Headed up by the San Diego Natural History Museum, the purpose of the expedition is to survey and assess the current status of the island's flora and fauna.

Expedition Florida
United States

Multimedia educational outreach project from the Florida Museum of Natural History, featuring video and audio adventures about local wildlife and wilderness areas.

United States

The American Museum of Natural History provides a guided tour through the evolution of vertebrates.

United States

Fully accredited college program affiliated with the National Audubon Society. Its focus is on ecology and environmental issues. Offers a program overview, academics, campus life, admissions, stories, news, alumni information, and jobs.

United Kingdom

Specialists in environmental consultancy, wildlife conservation, data analysis and logistical support. Based in UK.

Ice Unicorn: The Narwhal Expedition

Research project to assess their populations in Northern Canada; development of a photo-identification method; whale sound recordings.

Seychelles Marine Conservation Expedition

Marine biodiversity and conservation in the Seychelles with downloadable expedition reports.

DesertUSA 2000
United States

A monthly Internet-based magazine published by Digital West Media, Inc. Our purpose is to provide a tool for discovery; a publication which entertains, educates and explores with our readers, the beauty, life and culture of the North American deserts.

Species 2000
United Kingdom

Working to enumerate all known species of organisms on Earth (animals, plants, fungi, and microbes) as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity.

Lemurcon 2000
United States

Held at the Duke University Primate Center.

Cyberfoal 2000

Offers registry to assist with matching orphan foals with nurse mares, and lists colostrum sources.