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Tanya Marcuse Creates and Photographs Tapestries of Flora and Fauna for “Woven” - PDN Online

PDN Online
The large-scale images of flora and fauna in Tanya Marcuse's new project, “Woven,” are reminiscent of medieval tapestries. The “natural” world that Marcuse depicts is in fact painstakingly crafted. The result is neither nature photography, nor a work ...

The Legal Implications of Neuroscience Research - Technology Networks

Technology Networks
Addiction. Although substance use disorders raise clear legal issues, there is wide divergence between the medical and legal viewpoints. Ongoing research on the neurobiology of substance abuse raises questions about the legal concepts of "voluntariness ...

The Moore Lab of Zoology - Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura
The Moore Lab of Zoology is one of the world's largest collections of bird specimens and an active research lab using the latest technologies to better understand biodiversity. Join us for an exclusive tour led by research scientists who will show us ...

Fauna Communications Research

Hillsborough - United States

Institute that researches bioacoustics and animal communication, especially of endangered species.

United States

This is the premier international journal devoted to the very rapid dissemination (six weeks) of timely and significant experimental results in the diverse fields of biological research.

Molecular Biology Research Communications

Molecular Biology Research Communications (MBRC) is an international journal of Molecular Biology. It is published quarterly by Shiraz University.The journal welcomes submission of Original articles, Short communications, Invited review articles, and Letters to the Editor which meets the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence in all fields of molecular biology.

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis
United Kingdom

Print and online journal with free sample copy. Includes abstracts from 2001 onwards.

United States

When people talk about flora and fauna, they are actually referring to plants and wildlife. The plants and the wildlife that are native to a particular geographical region is also called as that particular region's flora and fauna. Both flora and fauna are collective terms because these words always refer to the collection of plants and wildlife that are in a particular environment in a specific region or time period. The word 'flora' has a la

FAUNA Paraguay
United States

Includes information and images of Paraguayan wildlife, a free on-line Paraguayan zoology journal, and information about birdwatching and wildlife tours.

Fauna Europaea

Explore the Fauna Europaea database, a database of the scientific names and distribution of all living European land and fresh-water animals.

Fauna Foundation
United States

A sanctuary for retired biomedical research chimpanzees and neglected and abused farm and zoo animals. Also implements projects to increase awareness about environmental issues.

Flora and Fauna

Flora and fauna: Australia is a land like no other, with about one million different native species. More than 80 per cent of the country's flowering plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs are unique to Australia, along with most of its freshwater fish and almost half of its birds. Australia's marine environment is home to 4000 fish species, 1700 coral species, 50 types of marine mammal and a wide range of seabirds. Most marine species found in sout

Flora for Fauna

Flora for Fauna is an initiative of the Nursery & Garden Industry and is supported by the Federal Government.

Beetle Fauna of Germany

Photos of more than 2000 beetle species from Germany, with search and comparison functions, reports and records of notable species.