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US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) Moves Higher on Volume Spike for February 19 -
US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) traded on unusually high volume on Feb. 19, as the stock gained 13.13% to close at $56.85. On the day, US Ecology Inc. saw 211,394 shares trade hands on 2,111 trades. Considering that the stock averages only a daily volume of 94 ...
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Letters: Reign in Ecology - Longview Daily News

Longview Daily News
Thank you to our elected representatives, elected officials and union representatives from trades and labor who stood together to address the Department of Ecology failures last week. Reps. Jim Walsh and Brian Blake, and Sen. Dean Takko announced their ...

US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) Soars 13.13% on February 19 -
US Ecology Inc. (ECOL) had a good day on the market for Monday February 19 as shares jumped 13.13% to close at $56.85. About 211,394 shares traded hands on 2,111 trades for the day, compared with an average daily volume of 84,529 shares out of a total ...

Fire Ecology

San Francisco - United States

Information from Wikipedia on the ecological effects of wildfires.

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    Ecology - Fire Ecology

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    Fire ecology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fire Ecology Research
United States

Description of research being done by Western Ecological Research Center scientists in the Sierra Nevada forests, the California shrublands and the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.

E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database
United States

Large bibliography covering applications of prescribed burning, control of wildfires, and other topics in fire ecology. International in scope with emphasis on North America.

United States

Our mission is to reform federal fire management policies and restore fire ecology processes through research, education, and advocacy.

Association for Fire Ecology (AFE)
United States

Association for Fire Ecology, AFE is a nonprofit organization promoting the Application of Fire Ecology through Science and Education. Our vision: the Association for Fire Ecology is an organization of professionals dedicated to improving the knowledge and use of fire in land management through science and education. Our vision for the Association for Fire Ecology is that its membership of respected professionals from around the world together pl

Yellowstone National Park: Fire Ecology
United States

Article providing a history of wildland fires in the Park, the factors necessary for fires to take hold and the effects of fires on different tree species.

Western Environment and Ecology, Inc. - Ecology Division
United States

Company offers advice on and services to assist with endangered species, wetlands, prairie dogs.Located in Littleton, Colorado (Denver area) and Grand Junction, Colorado.

Fire Ants - What are They?

Describes what they look like, what to do if you are stung, and what to do if you find a nest.

Global Fire Initiative
United States

The Nature Conservancy's Global Fire Initiative works to help combat the threats that too much, too little or the wrong kind of fire can pose to communities and biodiversity.

Imported Fire Ant
United States

Frequently asked questions about fire ants from University of Texas.

United States

Biology of Imported Fire ants and control techniques for lawns and turf from University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service.