Biology News
University zoology student studies largest known specimen of black carp - Daily Egyptian

Daily Egyptian
The largest known specimen of black carp has been brought to university researchers who hope to unlock important information about the invasive species. “The fish was substantially larger than anything we had seen before,” Greg Whitledge, an associate ...

Several beaches closed after 'extremely rare' shark attack in Botany Bay - The Guardian

The Guardian
... “an unusual event” and reckons the young shark, which normally feeds on fish, was hunting alternative food sources in the bay. “As they get larger they start including turtles and marine mammals like dolphins and seals in their diet,” he said ...
The Sydney Morning Herald
Daily Telegraph

Game and Fish hopes LaVA could encourage biodiversity - Laramie Boomerang

Laramie Boomerang
But for game and fish, biodiversity in the Medicine Bow National Forest remains a top priority no matter the outcome, Class said. “If we don't do anything to improve the habitat, you should probably expect stable to decreasing (wildlife) populations ...

Scientists not afraid to speak of the devil - Cosmos

The results from fish market surveys suggest that monitoring programs managed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES) are unsuccessful. Both fishing operators and devil rays cross international ...

Elk Ecology Research Continues -
BFH Biologist Jared Rogerson prepares to land a tranquilizer dart in the rump of a cow elk. Wyoming Game and Fish photo. PINEDALE– Jackson and Pinedale personnel in the Game and Fish Department's Brucellosis-Feedgrounds-Habitat (BFH) darted elk on the ...

Lolita: Whale Trapped in Aquarium for 47 Years Could Return Home With Help of Native Americans - Newsweek

Marine biologist and orca expert Ken Balcomb, a longterm advocate for her freedom, said the tribe has the legal right under the 1855 Point Elliott Treaty. The treaty gives the Lummi recourse to protect their fish and coastal lands. As orcas are ...

Andrew McGiven: Waterways challenges for flora and fauna - New Zealand Herald

New Zealand Herald
Angling advocates are vocal about the need to maintain water quality, but I don't think they acknowledge the negative impact sport has on our native fish. New Zealanders value biodiversity, but we're struggling with a plethora of issues affecting our ...


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Piranha Keeping for Beginners
United Kingdom

Information from Tropical fish Finder by Nick Gardner.
United States

Includes fish and plant profiles, product reviews, and a message board specializing in tropical fish.

Fish Tank Tutor
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Offers tropical fish tank information including aquarium set up, equipment info, maintenance, and general fish keeping advice.

World of Fish, A
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Offers information for beginners on new tanks, species, water conditions, and more.

Fish Anatomy
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An illustrated introduction to the external and internal anatomy of the fish.

PetStation's Fish Fair
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Articles, photos and much more about all types of aquarium fish and setups!

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fish Information Website. Everything you need to know about the biology of the fish.

Web Directory: NetPets Fish Clubs
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Lists both international and regional organizations by area or topic.

Aquarium Guides
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Provides information and articles about aquarium fish and other aquarium related topics.

Net Pets: Clownfish
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Includes breeding instructions for clownfish.

United States

Provides information, forums, articles, and a species database about freshwater, salwater, brackish, pond, and tropical fish.

AquaWeb Fish Resources
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Free forum for dedicated fishkeepers to display their knowledge of freshwater and marine fish, aquatic plants, and anything else fish ...

Aquarium Fish International
United States

Monthly magazine for novice and expert aquarium enthusiasts. Find species profiles, fresh water, salt water, and pond articles, and community ...

Rountree, Rodney
United States

Marine biologist and ichthyologist. Interests include fish ecology, fish diets, estuarine ecology, and underwater sounds from estuarine, coastal and marine ...

Cathy's Tropical Fish Keeping
United States

Information on setting up and maintaining a successful freshwater aquarium.

Freaky Fish Contest
United States

Oceana's annual freak fish contest. Cast your vote for the year's the strangest, scariest looking fish and be entered into ...

Fish Link Central
United States

Guide to aquarium and fish resources including news articles, an extensive links directory, photos, and more.


Your Trusted Aquarium fish Supplier. AquariumFishExporter as established in Year-2003 by a group of local breeders who is interested in ...

United States

Includes tropical fish pictures, descriptions, and profiles.

Department of Microbial Ecology [DoME]

Department of Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna. Along with Microbial Ecology information, the Department of Microbial Ecology offers an annual ...

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