Biology News
Dead fish in Halda river pose danger to livelihoods, biodiversity - Dhaka Tribune

Dhaka Tribune
Hundreds of dead fish of different species, and other aquatic animals have been found floating in the river Halda for the last couple of days. The dead fish are posing a serious threat to the aquatic biodiversity of Bangladesh's largest natural ...

Get to know a World Cup food staple: Swedish smågodis - For The Win

For The Win
Out of the primordial ooze of the sugar sea, from whence the flora and fauna of the gummy earth have evolved, come the Swedish Fish. The Swedish Fish belongs to the genus of “starch jellies,” a firmer version of gummy candy that doesn't contain gelatin ...

'Fish ponds a threat to Chilika lagoon's ecology' - The New Indian Express

The New Indian Express
'Fish ponds a threat to Chilika lagoon's ecology'. Expressing serious concern over large scale loss of biodiversity and habitats for many species in Chilika Lake due to increasing number of 'fish ponds' and rampant excavation works.

Ecology official to take over Fish and Wildlife agency - Lewiston Morning Tribune

Lewiston Morning Tribune
The agency's governing commission appointed Kelly Susewind, the director of administrative services for the Washington Department of Ecology, to lead the fish and wildlife department with 1,800 employees and a two-year budget of $460 million.

Whitney Steele balances love of fish, plants, business and family - West Hawaii Today

West Hawaii Today
While studying aquarium science at the Oregon Coast Community College, Whitney met her future husband, Zeke, who held a degree in marine biology from UH Hilo. In 2012, they came to Kona to get married and decided they needed to live here. The two ...

USF alum's man-made reefs help local homeowners get cool fish while cleaning bay waters - ABC Action News

ABC Action News
“If they've lived in Florida for awhile, all they talk about is how clear the water used to be, and how green it is now,” says Woof, who studied marine biology at the University of South Florida. Wolff's clients want cleaner water, more fish, more ...

Even small dams have severe impact on river ecology - The Hindu

The Hindu
It seems to stand to reason that small dams cause less environmental problems than large ones. But the first study on small hydropower projects in India proves that they cause as severe ecological impacts as big dams, including altering fish ...


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Net Pets: Clownfish
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Aquarium Fish International
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Rountree, Rodney
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Marine biologist and ichthyologist. Interests include fish ecology, fish diets, estuarine ecology, and underwater sounds from estuarine, coastal and marine ...

Cathy's Tropical Fish Keeping
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Freaky Fish Contest
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Your Trusted Aquarium fish Supplier. AquariumFishExporter as established in Year-2003 by a group of local breeders who is interested in ...

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Department of Microbial Ecology [DoME]

Department of Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna. Along with Microbial Ecology information, the Department of Microbial Ecology offers an annual ...

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