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The first map of ocean wilderness shows 'nowhere is safe' - Washington Post

Washington Post
The exhaustive analysis of human impacts in all global marine ecosystems, published Thursday in Current Biology, categorized and mapped all the ways humans have changed the ocean, such as fishing, shipping and pollution. The study scored each ...
BBC News
EurekAlert (press release)

Father-son fishing duo in dramatic sea rescue -
Father and son fishing duo Joe and Chris Cordina will have a few questions to answer when they get home tonight. The pair was out in Sydney's Botany Bay this afternoon with friend Alex Cacciagiu when their boat, On The Prowl 2, started taking on water.

Small fishers too harm marine ecology, says NGO - The Hindu

The Hindu
Friends of Marine Life, a local NGO, has called for wide-ranging discussions on the impact of destructive practices like 'thattumadi' and 'light fishing' on the marine ecology. “The sustainable and environment-friendly methods followed by fish workers ...

Monday's letters: Benderson Park, Lake Okeechobee and more - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
This caused tourism and fishing economies to suffer, not to mention marine flora and fauna. Some folks feel exposure to the toxic substances caused them to become infected with flesh-eating bacteria! There is little argument that the sugar cane growers ...


United States

Brief information sheet.

United States

Provides a new picture every 60 seconds.

United States

Short page of facts and photos of this toothed whale.

United States

Brings the ocean's mysteries to life in a friendly, hands-on setting. Scheduled public tours are offered at no charge.
United States

Sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, advocates to stop eating and catching fish.

Did PCB's Save the Stripers? A Fish Story
United States

New York Times article about the fact that striped bass are thriving in the Hudson River because PCBs deter fishing, ...

27 Aquatic Lifeforms You Never Caught While Fishing
United States

Eye boggling post from Bounty fishing.

Fishing Cats at the Smithsonian National Zoo
United States

Provides pictures of, and basic facts about, these small cats native to south and southeast Asia. Also includes their research ...

Pisauridae: Nursery Web or Fishing Spiders
South Africa

Photographs and information on South African species from the Biodiversity Explorer.

Fishing Cats: Prionailurus viverrinus
United States

Fact sheet including a description, distribution, natural history and conservation.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department
United States

Information on hunting, fishing, regulations, license requirements, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Shadow of the Bear
United States

Photos and information about the brown bear, Ursus arctos middendorffi found on Kodiak Island.


Provides information on fishing in Western Australia, conservation areas, and the life cycle of the rock lobster.

United States

Paper by Max Ledbetter and Ray Hilborn, originally printed at the University of British Columbia in 1981.
United States

Stories, pictures, and videos of the mass emergence of shadflies (also known as mayflies, dunes, and dayflies) in North Bay, ...

Saltwater, Inc.
United States

Company contracts to provide biological observers on commercial fishing vessels in Alaskan waters.

Reef Ball Development Group Ltd.
United States

Extensive information about artificial reefs designed to restore ailing coral reefs and to create new fishing and scuba diving reefs.

Dark Fishing Spider: Dolomedes tenebrosus
United States

Photographs and information on the natural history of this species.


Information about the pirate fishing of this endangered Southern Ocean fish.

The Crazy Life of the Giant Fishing Spider

Information and a gallery of photographs of these spiders in the genus Ancylometes.

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