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BHS teacher wins national biology teacher award - Brentwood Home Page

Brentwood Home Page
Rachel Lytle, who teaches honors and AP Biology at Brentwood High School, was recently asked, “Do you plan to stay in the classroom forever?” Her colleague had not asked an unusual question, but it caused Lytle, who started her fourth year of teaching ...

Smallpox Could Again Be a Serious Threat - Slate Magazine

Slate Magazine
SynBioBeta, which bills itself as the world's premier forum for innovators and investors interested in synthetic biology, concluded its sixth annual conference in San Francisco earlier this month. Companies from across the country and from around the ...

Biology of childhood brain tumor subtypes offers clues to precision ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Researchers investigating pediatric low-grade gliomas (PLGG), the most common type of brain tumor in children, have discovered key biological differences in ...

How Star Wars helped visualise the biology of sperm - T3

Sneaky mosquitoes fill up on blood and disappear before we have the chance to swat them away. They're in and out without so much as a tickle, and their irritating buzzing is often the first sign of a bite, and now, scientists have worked out why.

UCLA professors of biology and chemistry honored as 2017 Packard fellows - UCLA Newsroom

UCLA Newsroom
Elaine Hsiao, UCLA assistant professor of integrative biology and physiology, and Hosea Nelson, UCLA assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, are among 18 outstanding young scientists in the U.S. to be awarded Packard Fellowships for Science ...

Flora And Fauna - Fungi

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Flora And Fauna - Fungi [ 1-20 of 1,178]
The Association of British Fungus Groups
United Kingdom

The Association of British Fungus Groups, ABFG was founded in 1996 by Michael Jordan, the writer and presenter of the ...


The personal homepage of Stip Helleman that is dedicated to the knowledge spreading of and bringing love for Inoperculate Discomycete ...


Photographs of Galerina marginata, Galerina paludosa and Galerina stylifera.

United Kingdom

Photograph of this species and an identification guide.

Cyathus striatus
United States

Project by Fareen Huda on the Bird's Nest Fungus, with photographs and information on its classification, habitat, life history and ...

Calostoma lutescens
United States

Photograph and information on this stalked puffball found in Eastern USA and south to Costa Rica.

Amanita virosa/Amanita bisporigera
United States

Information and images from "Poisonous Plants of North Carolina".


Provides information on this small genus in the Entolomataceae, with photographs of a number of European species.

Beauveria bassiana

Photographs and information on this species which is an aggressive parasite of insects, killing the flies it infects.

Trametes versicolor

Several photographs of this multicolored bracket fungus.

Amanita ovoidea
United Kingdom

Photographs and information on this species.

United Kingdom

Several photographs of this poisonous species, Fly Agaric, and an identification guide.

Cantharellus ignicolor
United States

Photograph and information on this species.

United Kingdom

Several photographs of this species and an identification guide.


Photographs of Xylaria hypoxylon and the clublike Xylaria polymorpha.

Auricularia fuscosuccinea
United States

Photograph of this species which was found in Puerto Rico.

A Backyard Mini-project: Airborne Fungi
United States

Article by Bill Dembowski on culturing microorganisms, with photographs of the resulting moulds on the culture medium and under the ...

Cantharellus tubaeformis
United States

Photographs and information on the trumpet chanterelle.

Bjerkandera adusta
United States

Photographs of the smoky bracket.

United Kingdom

Photographs of this species and its description.

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Flora And Fauna - Fungi [ 1-20 of 1,178]