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Molecular biology could hold the key to detect and deter widespread seafood fraud -
For those so inclined to act on that temptation, there are opportunities up and down the supply chain, the incredible complexity of which appears to offer the perfect cover for nefarious activities, Elliott acknowledged. However, he added, quickly ...

Graduate student's research leads to cell biology breakthrough - Texas A&M The Battalion

Texas A&M The Battalion
Through collaboration between two Texas A&M laboratories, one graduate student's proof-of-concept came to life, showing that nanofactories can be used to protect enzymes and cells from damages for over a week. The study, recently published online, saw ...

Cell biology: Scientists fill in a piece of the copper transport puzzle - Science Daily

Science Daily
Cell biology: Scientists fill in a piece of the copper transport puzzle. Date: February 14, 2018; Source: American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Summary: Researchers have identified the protein that carries copper into mitochondria ...

College Installs Virtual Cadaver For Biology Classes - CBS Detroit

CBS Detroit
DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) – A Detroit-area college will use a virtual cadaver to teach students how to perform human dissections. The biology department at Henry Ford College in Dearborn will use an Anatomage Table as part of its curriculum for the winter ...
The Seattle Times

molecular biology - Hackaday

But if you're at all interested in the processes of modern molecular biology, make sure you watch the whole thing. The basic idea here is to create an innocuous virus that carries the lac gene, which encodes the enzyme β-galactosidase, or lactase, and ...

Flora And Fauna - Monera

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Flora And Fauna - Monera [ 121-136 of 136]
Archaea (Archaebacteria)
United States

Taxonomy, description, and extensive references, with particular emphasis on the Crenarchaeota (classified here as a Kingdom.)

Domain Archaea
United States

Systematic discussion of the various phyla within the Crenarchaea, Euryarchaeota, based on RNA differences.


Basic phylogeny, gene organization, and methods of DNA replication and transcription.

Extremophiles Research Group
United States

This group, based at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, acts as a centre for ...


Links to information about thermophiles, halophiles, and other extremophiles both inside and outside of the domain Archaea.

The Scientist: Hot-Vent Microbes: Looking Backward In Evolution For Future Uses
United States

Summary of research into the scientific uses of thermophiles and their heat-tolerant enzymes, such as PCR (polymerase chain reactions), toxic ...

Haloarchaea: Extremophiles in Salt Lakes
United States

Research compilation by Mike Dyall-Smith, primarily focusing on haloarchaea and their haloviruses. Includes the Halohandbook lab manual with techniques for ...

United States

Detailed discussion of the molecules involved in their cytoplasmic and photosynthetic membrane lipids, structural glycoproteins, ionic relationships, and photosynthetic cycle.

Kingdom Euryarchaeota
United States

Jack Holt's classification of these organisms into seven phyla, down to the class level.

Why Sequence Euryarchaeota in Acid Mine Drainage?
United States

Research proposal stressing the importance of these previously unknown communities.

Journal of Biological Chemistry: Extreme Halophiles Synthesize Betaine from Glycine by Methylation
United States

Research on the methyltransferase enzymes involved in synthesis of glycine betaine in Actinopolyspora halophila and Ectothiorhodospira halochloris. Transfer of the ...

United States

Short, simple introduction to these organisms.

Archaeal Diversity
United Kingdom

Summary of research on non-thermophilic Crenarchaea in soil ecology.

Joint Genome Institute: Why Sequence Crenarchaeota?
United States

Brief discussion of the importance of these deep-sea plankton, and of the benefits to be gained by understanding their genome.


Abstract of conference speech on Halothermothrix orenii by Dr. Bharat Patel.

Microbe from Depths Takes Life to Hottest Known Limit
United States

A newly discovered organism thrives near deep-sea ocean vents at temperatures up to 121C, living off dissolved iron. Images, video, ...

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Flora And Fauna - Monera [ 121-136 of 136]